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This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft software for the PC, along with a brief list of features and notes. While you may find older versions of software in many places, links to the old/used software sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft. All terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. We've started a forgery identification reference.

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Microsoft QuickPascal 1.0, Academic
QuickPascal 1.0, Five 5.25" 360K or three 3.5" 720K diskettes (MS Part number for "3-Pack"132-195V100) plus the following manuals:
Up and Running, 62 pages, 0489 Part No. 06395
Pascal by Example, 289 pages, 0489 Part no. 06396

Pascal 3.32, Two 360K diskettes, with files dated 11/20/86 5:34:38pm. Diskettes numbered 020-014-021 and 022, and overprinted 020014.332. Version number is identified in the top of the readme.doc file on disk one. Includes two loose leaf, three ring binder manuals:
User's Guide
Reference Manual

Pascal 4.0 Upgrade - MS Part number 020-014-063. Sold direct in white box. Includes 5.25" disk set and single manual: "Update, Microsoft CodeView and Utilities, Microsoft Editor" in loose leaf binder.

Pascal 4.0 - Includes 9 5.25" 360K diskettes. Also available on 3.5" disks. Most recent date on disk one is 4-29-88 09:30. Box sleeve rear1287 Part No. 01334. Box top label for 5.25" version reads "PASCAL COMP VERSION 4.0, 020-014V400".
Includes the following printed materials:
Microsoft OnLine offer, 0889 Part No. 098-12005
Registration card, 0389 Part No. 06756
F10 Keyboard template, Part No. 999-999-630
F12 Keyboard template, Part No. 999-999-632
License envelope with diskettes, 0389 Part No. 06536
Quick Reference Guide, 20 pages, 1287 Part No. 020-014-052
CodeView and Utilities 401pp, Microsoft Editor, 123pp, (plus an "Update" section, 81pp), loose leaf binder
User's guide, 285pp (plus an "Update" section of 68pp), loose leaf binder
Reference manual, 392pp, Mixed-Language Programming Guide, 140pp, loose leaf binder


Project 4.0 for Windows (buy it)

MS Product Numbers:

Version upgrade, 5.25": 076-050-090 (list price $149)
Version upgrade, 3.5": 076-051-090 (list price $149)
(I've seen a full version also labeled as 076-051V400)
Competitive Upgrade, 3.5": 076-051v400 (list price $149)
Full version MLP: 0764050v400 (list price $595)
Full version, 3.5": 076-050v400 (list price $695)

Project 4.1 for Windows

MS Product Numbers:

PROJECT 4.1 W32 EN NA CD: 076-056V410

Project 4.1 for Windows 95 includes:
Retail box sleeve 0685 Part No. 69122
CD-ROM labeled "Version 4.1A", 1096 Part No. 94651. Jewel case front insert 0995 Part No. 66242. Rear insert 0995 Part No. 68442. Bar code 68442.
License agreement card "MICROSFT PROJECT FOR WINDOWS 95 VERSION 4.1, LICENSES: 1". 0495 Part No. 64358
Directory of Companion Products and Service for Microsoft Project, Winter/Spring 1997. 40 pages. Part No. 98247
User's Guide for Microsoft Project for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1, 270 pages, Document No. PJ62476-0895, Bar code 62476

Project 2000 (buy it)

MS Product Numbers:

PROJECT 2000 WIN32 ENGLISH NA VUP C: 076-00879

Project 2000 Upgrade

You qualify for this is you are a licensed user of Project 1.0 or later. Retail box includes the following materials:
Box sleeve, 0200 Part No. X05-19459
Supplemental End-User License Agreement for Project Central, 0200 Part No. X05-19470
Supplemental End-User License Agreement for Project 2000 etc., 0200 Part No. X05-25449
Web site address card: 1299 Part No. X05-19449
Registration card: 0398 Part No. X03-67825
User's Guide for Microsoft Project 2000, 386 pages, 1299 Part No. X05-16729
CD Jewel Case front insert 0200 Part No. X05-19441
CD Jewel Case rear insert 0200 Part No. X05-19443
CD-ROM labeled Upgrade, 0200 Part No. X05-19465


MS Part numbers:

PUBLISHER FOR WINDOWS'95 (3H): 164-054V300

Publisher for Windows 95 = 3.0

Publisher 98 - There are more than 1600 professionally designed templates and 60 coordinated color schemes to use in the creation of your documents, along with 10,000 pieces of clip art, 1,000 pieces of Web art, 1,500 photographs, 175 fonts, 300 animated gifs, and 40 music clips.



Visual Basic

Visual Source Safe

Visual Source Safe is a member of Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a source control system that assists in the management of individual and team projects. VSS 5 is included in Visual Studio 97 Enterprise and the Enterprise Edition of VC++ 5. VSS 4 is probably included in the Enterprise Edition of VC++ 4.2.

Visual Studio

MS Part Numbers:

Visual Studio 97 Professional Edition, Upgrade: 659-00007
VSTUDIO PRO 6.0 WIN32 ENG NA CD: 659-00133
Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Edition, Upgrade: 628-00006

Visual Studio 6.0 Professional, 659-00393, 659-00390
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition, Version Upgrade: 628-00408
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition with Plus Pack, Version Upgrade: 628-00405
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition with Plus Pack, License only: 628-00406

Developer Studio (precursor to Visual Studio)

Visual Studio 97 Professional Edition Upgrade - MS product number 659-00007. Searches your hard/floppy disk to confirm your eligibility. To be eligible you must be a licensed owner of one of the following products: MS Visual Basic, Visual C++, MS FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual J++, Borland C++, Borland dBASE, Borland Delphi, Netscape LiveWire Pro, Powersoft Optima++, Sybase PowerBuilder, Symantec Café or Symantec Visual Café. The 3 CD-ROM set is labeled:
Disc 1, 0197 Part No. 93299. Contains VB5 Pro and VFP 5 Pro
Disc 2, 0197 Part No. 93300. Contains Visual InterDev and VJ++ 1.1 Pro.
Disc 3, 0197 Part No. 93301. Contains VC++ 5 Pro.
Also includes the MSDN Library reference CD-ROM. CD face labeled 0197 Part No. 97449. Jewel case front insert rear 0197 Part no. 97447. Rear insert rear bar code label 97448.
Printed materials:
Box sleeve, 0197 Part No. 9323
CD box, bar code label 93436
Registration cards, SKU 659-00007, 0996 Part No. X03-05376
Rebate offer, 0197 Part No. X03-08868
License Agreement card, Inkjet printed "Version 97, Professional Edition Upgrade, Licenses: 1", 0197 Part No. 93118
Documentation Offer, 0197 Part No. 97995
Visual J++ getting Started card, bar code labeled 93370
Java API Hierarchy chart, bar code labeled 92347
Misc. third party marketing materials
Printed Manuals:
Visual Studio Getting Results, 263 pages, 93117

Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Edition
Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Edition


Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

Probably includes many of the following materials:
Visual Studio, Developing for the Enterprise, 338 pages, *X03-55298 *
Visual Studio Resource Guide, Summer 1998/Vol. 1, Part # X03-55590
Visual Studio Resource Guide, Fall 1999/Vol. 1.2, Part # X04-92216

Other printed materials:
Registration card: 0498 Part No. X03-67931
Documentation folder, 0799 Part No. X04-90995
Voucher post cards for Service Packs: 0598 Part No. X03-69978
Free MSDN Library Update offer card
Free 1-Year MSDN Library Subscription and Visual Studio Service Pack fulfillment offer, 0799 Part No. X04-92337
End-User License Agreement: 0899 Part No. X04-90057
Alpha Platform offer for free copy of VB or VC++, 0699 Part No. X04-90367
Microsoft Developer Training offer, 0799 Part No. X04-90365
Chart, *X03-55956 *
Foundation Classes chart, *X03-55953 *
MS Books offer, 0299 Part No. X04-91697
Supplement to REDIST.TXT found on Visual InterDev CD, 0799 Part No. X04-92878

BackOffice Server 4.5 Developer Edition, FrontPage 2000 and Outlook 2000, 3 CDs in folder with Product Key on back. Back of folder has label CD SET: X04-96516-M, 0799 Part No. X04-92096. Folder CDs are:
Disk 1, FrontPage 2000 Develop and Test Version, 0799 Part No. X04-96452
Disk 2, FrontPage 2000 Develop and Test Version, 0799 Part No. X04-96454
Outlook 2000, Develop and Test Version, 0799 Part No. X04-96456
Visual Studio 6.0 Plus Pack, 4 CDs in folder with Product Key on back, along with labels: CD SET: X04-90770-M, 0799 Part No. X04-90774. CDs are:
Disk 1, Windows 2000 Developer's Readiness Kit, 0699 Part No. X04-90830
Disk 2, MSDE for Visual Studio 6.0, 0599 Part No. X04-78264
Disk 3, Windows NT Service Pack 4, 12/98, 1298 Part No. X04-10659
Disk 4, MSDE for Visual Studio Developer Training, (Microsoft Data Engine) 0699 Part No. X04-90833
Visual J++ 6.0, CD in sleeve, CD SET: X04-11488, 0998 Part No. X03-84431. Contains CD Visual J++ 6.0, 0998 Part No. X03-84430
Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 2, CD SET: X04-13009. Contains CD Visual Studio 6.0, 0199 Part No. X04-13018
MSDN Library, Visual Studio 6.0, 2 CD set (?), CD SET: X03-86016-M, 0598 Part No. X03-55262, includes:
Disk 1 - Setup, 0698 Part No. X03-73118
Disk 2 - ??
Visual Studio Enterprise Edition, 3 CD set in jewel case, CD SET: X04-11474, 0498 Part No.X03-70791, includes:
Disc 1, 0598 Part No. X03-73338
Disc 2, 0598 Part No. X03-73344
Disc 3, 0598 Part No. X03-73350


Windows, Windows for Workgroups

Windows 95/98/ME

Windows NT, 2000, XP


OEM CD - Packaged in non-shrunk plastic envelope. Manual cover is the certificate of authenticity. Serrated blue stripe across top turns to word "GENUINE" when heated by vigorous rubbing. The ink should NOT smear. 12 pages plus index. Front marked with part number X03-66598. Rear marked X03-36004. Boot disk marked X03-66930, 5787-05. CD faced marked 0398 Part no. X03-36182. CD hub has "GENUINE" logo hologram. Rear jewel case insert marked 0398 Part No. X03-36041. Includes the following printed materials:
End user license agreement, X03-46748, 30872, 5787-05.
Warranty, 000-47205, #40410006 05/12/95, 303500, #40410013 02/10/94, #40410008 02/10/94, #40410015 02/10/94, #40970003 4/10/95
Registration card, 0897 Part No. X03-42314
AOL offer brochure, X03-36154, 308269, 5787-05


MS Part Numbers:
Word 97 Competitive Upgrade: 059-00442

Word 97 Competitive Upgrade - you qualify if you have MS Word for DOS 2.0 or later, any version of Word for Windows or NT, WordPerfect for MS-DOS 4.0 to 5.1, or WordPerfect for Windows 5.1 to 6.0.


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