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This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft Works® software, along with a brief list of features and notes. It's very much a work in progress, as we slowly discover information about old Works versions. While you may find older versions of software in many places, links to the old/used software sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor. Version information on other Microsoft Products. Version information for software from other vendors.

Works 1.x for DOS
Works 2.x for DOS

Works 2.0 for Mac

Works 2.0 for Windows
Works 3.0 Windows
Works 4.0 Windows
Works 4.5 Windows
Works 6.0 Windows (included in Suite 2001?)
Works 2000  Windows
Works 2001 for Windows
Works 2002 for Windows

Works 1.x (buy it)

Microsoft Works 1.0

IBM WORKS, VERSION 1.0: 070-099V100

Works 2.0x for DOS (buy it)

WORKS 2.00, 078-299V200

System Requirements: DOS 2.0 or later, 512K RAM, two 360K disk drives or one 720K disk drive or a hard disk drive.

© 1991.

Works with Lotus 1-2-3 1A and 2.x, Excela nd MS Multiplan spreadsheets; MS Word, WordPerfect (DCA), DisplayWrite (DCA), and other popular word processors through built-in conversion to/from DCA, RTF, and ASCII; dBASE and other databases through ASCII.

Works 2.0 (for Windows?) Buy it

Version 2.0 720K disk is labeled 07275 © 1987 - 1989

Works 2.0 for Mac (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

WORKS 2.00 AE SINGLE USR: 070-396V200

Works 3.0 (buy it)

Microsoft Works 3.0

MS Part numbers:
WIN/WORKS 3.00 (3H) BNDL: 070-951V300

Works 3.0 for Windows Disk 1 Disk Assy 070-051-179, © 1987 - 1993

Works 4.0 (buy it)

Microsoft Works 4.0


Works for Windows 95 = Works 4.0

Works 4.5 (buy it)

Microsoft Works 4.5

Works 6.0 for Windows and Works Suite 2001 (buy it)

Microsoft Works 6.0

MS Part numbers:

WORKS 6.0 WIN32 ENGLISH NA CD: 070-01637

Works Suite adds money management, research and reference, trip planning and street mapping, cards, newletters and electronic greetings, photo editing, Word 2000, sharing data with cell phones and WinCE/Palm devices.

Works 2000 (buy it)

Microsoft Works 2000

Works Suite 2001

6 CD set includes Works 6.0, Word 2000 SR1, Works 6.0 clipart, Money 2001 standard, Picture It Publishing 2001, Encarta Encyclopedia 2001 standard, and Streets & Trips 2001.


Works 2002 for Windows 

 Microsoft Works 2002

MS Part numbers:

B11-00544 (unverified)

Includes full version of Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2002, MS Picture It! Photo software, MS Encarta Encyclopedia 2002, Microsoft Money 2002 Standard, and Microsoft Works Suite.


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