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This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft Word software, along with a brief list of features and notes. While you may find older versions of software in many places, links to the old/used software sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor. Version information on other Microsoft Products. Version information for software from other vendors.

Word 3.0 for DOS
Word 3.1 for DOS
Word 4.0 for DOS
Word 5.0 for DOS
Word 5.5 for DOS

Word 4.0 for Mac
Word 5.0 for Mac
Word 6.0.1 for Mac
Word for OS/2

Word 1.0 for Windows
Word 1.1 for Windows
Word 2.0 for Windows
Word 6.0 for Windows
Word 95
Word 97



Word 3.0 for DOS

5.25" disks part numbers similar to 034-099-290 (printed), 034099.300 (stamped). Probably four of them.

Word 3.1 for DOS (buy it)

System requirements: 256K memory, DOS 2.0 or higher, two double-sided diskette drives or hard disk drive.

Network version 0686 Part No. 034-049-030. © 1983-1986

Word 4.0 for DOS (buy it)

Microsoft Word Network Version. Supports the following networks: IBM PC Network, Token-Ring Network, AT&T Starlan, Ungermann-Bass Net/One, 3Com 3+, 3Cm Etherseries, Novell Advanced NetWare 286, or any system compatible with Microsoft Networks.

"TANDY WORD VERSION" with 3.5" and 5.25" disks: 034-013V400. This appears identical to non-Tandy version. It just has a couple of extra stickers under the shrinkwrap.


Word 5.0 for DOS (buy it)

Microsoft Word 5.0 for DOS

MS Product Numbers:

5.25": 147-095V500
5.25" (?): 034-099V500
WORD 5.00 (3.5) IBM: 034-095V500

5.25" disks are numbered 07392 - 07404. (C) 1983-1988,
License envelope 0789 Part No. 08058
Registration card: 0491 Part No. 21080
Pocket Guide to Microsoft Word manual, 25 pages plus attached Quick Reference Card, 0888 Part No. 04021

Includes the following materials:
Retail box sleeve. Version 5.0, 1189 Part No. 05995
License agreement envelope with seven 720K diskettes. 0389 Part No. 06537
Registration card marked 034095.500 in product number space, 0389 Part No. 06756
Roadmap, Part No. 08935, Document No. 990430020-500-R01-0989
Money-back Guarantee card, 1288 Part No. 04780
"The Latest Word" newsletter. Part No. 04180
"To get more out of Microsoft Word 5.0... OPEN ME FIRST" envelop with marketing materials, Part No. 04358. Contains...
F10 Keyboard template, Part No. 04297
F12 Keyboard template, Part No. 04296
Supplemental Printers Disk Order Form, 0989 Part No. 08879
Bitstream fontware order form, 0489 Part No. 04282
Word Exchange offer (Systems Compatibility Corp) 04281
Anderson Soft-Teach offer, Part #06102
Bitstream fonts starter kit offer, Part # 04357, Part # 09-W006
Companion Products and Upgrade Information catalog, 47 pages, Part No. 08449
Using Microsoft Word, 635 pages, 0789 Part No. 07964
Printer Information for Microsoft Word, 291 pages, Document No. 990430010-500-R02-1088, 0888 Part No. 04019
Pocket Guide to Microsoft Word (with Quick Reference card), 25 pages, Document No. 990430015-500-R01-1088, 0888 Part No. 04021
Sampler: An Idea Book, 110 pages, Document No. 990430029-500-R00-1088, 0888 Part No. 04020
Reference to Microsoft Word, 254 pages, Document No. 990430002-500-R03-1088, 0789 Part No. 07965

Word 5.5 for DOS (buy it)

 MS part numbers:

"WORD 5.5(3.5) AE SINGLE USER PC", 034-395V550

Microsoft Word 5.5 for DOS
Word 5.5B


Word 4.0 for Macintosh

MS Part numbers:

WORD 4.0 MAC: 034-096V400

Word 5.0 for Macintosh (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

UPDATE WORD 1.0/5.0 RESELLER MAC: 034-096-630
WORD 5.0 MAC: 034-096V500

Word 6.0.1 for Macintosh (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

WORD 6.01 AE SINGLE USER MAC (A): 0341396V601
WORD 6.01 MAC: 034-096V601

For System 7 or later. 4MB of RAM minimum, 8MB recommended. Typical HD space 10MB to 23MB. 128K and 512K Macintosh, Mac Plus, SE, Classic, and PowerBook 100 models are not compatible. © 1994. The upgrade version will search your system to confirm eligibility. To be eligible, you must be a licensed user of Word 5.0/5.1 or earlier.

Word 1.1a for OS/2 (buy it)

System requirements: OS/2 1.2 or higher, PC with 80286 or higher processor, 3MB RAM, hard disk. Mouse and 4MB RAM recommended.

Retail package 059-001V110 contains:
Four 1.44MB 3.5" disks. Setup disk had Disk Assy 059-002-079 with files dated 4/1/1992 12:00pm. Tutorial and Samples disk has Disk Assy 059-002-006 and files dated 12/7/1990 12:00pm.
Four 5.25" disks. Setup disk is labeled Disk Assy 059-001-074.
Retail slipcase box rear lower left is labeled: Version 1.1, 0590 Part No. 12498
Registration card 0192 PN 30300
Proof of License card with license agreement, 0691 Part No. 19427, labeled:
Money-back guarantee card, 0990 Part No. 12763
Using Word with OS/2, Document Number OB-12500-1090, OEM-P374-1Z, 18 pages, rear marked 0590 Part No. 12500
Pocket Guide, Document Number OB-12499-0990, OEM-P/W734-1Z, 126 pages, rear marked 0590 Part No. 12499
User's Reference, Document Number OB-12765-1090, OEM-P/W784-1Z, 450 pages, rear marked 0590 Part No. 12765

Review: Essentially the OS/2 version of MS Word for Windows V 1.1. It is petite, functional, and does what the manual says it will do. It also has an equation writer, not the fanciest, but with a little effort it does the job for an engineer.

We've seen evidence that 1.1a and 1.1b versions were produced, but don't know file dates or disk assy. Numbers.

Word 1.0 for Windows (buy it)

UPGRADE WIN/WORD1.0/: 059-050-585 (with 3.5" and 5.25" disks. Back of box says "Version 1.1")
WIN/WORD 1.00 AE SI: 059-350V100 (Academic on 5.25" disks)

Word 1.1 for Windows (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

UPGRADE WIN/WORD1.0/1.1(3.5)DIRECT: 059-051-355
WIN/WORD 1.1(3.5) AE IBM ONLY S/U: 059-651V110
WIN/Word 1.10(DUAL): 059-050AV110 (international edition)

Word 2.0 for Windows (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

Full, 3.5": 059-051V200
WIN/WORD 2.0*: 059-050V200 (Full version, 3.5" and 5.25")

Word 2.0 for Windows (buy it)

Requires Windows 3.0 or later, 80286 or later processor, 2MB RAM (recommended), EGA or higher resolution monitor, 5MB-15MB disk space.
Includes the following materials:
Seven 5.25" HD 1.2MB disks, #1 Disk Assy 059-050-983, Six 3.5" 1.44MB disks, #1 Disk Assy 059051-777
Retail box sleeve, © 1991,Version 2.0, 1091 Part No. 22375
Proof of License card, 0691 Part No. 19427
Jump Start Tips bi-fold card, 0991 Part No. 26652
User's Guide manual, 849 pages, Document Number OB-32756-0492, 0392 Part No. 32756
Word Getting Started, 30 pages, Document Number OB-22380-1091, 0891 Part No. 22380
Draw (1.0) User's Guide, 89 pages, Document Number OB-22377-0991, 0991 Part No. 22377
Graph (3.0) User's Guide, 118 pages, Document Number AB22378-0292, 0991 Part No. 22378
Equation Editor User's Guide, 106 pages, Document Number OB-22379-1091, 0991 Part No. 22379

Word 2.0 Special Upgrade - MS part 059-050-840. Licensed for use by owners of WordPerfect, DisplayWrite, MultiMate, WANG, WordStar, MS Word for DOS, and MS Word for Windows 1.1 or earlier. Word 2.0 requires Windows 3.0 or later, 286 or later processor, 2MB of memory, EGA or higher resolution monitor, and 5-15 MB disk space.

Word 6.0 for Windows (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

Word Assistant, 5.25": 268-050-013 (list price $64.95)
Word Assistant, 3.5": 268-051-013 (list price $64.95)
Upgrade for Windows95 and NT, CD, MS part number 059-075-001
Version Upgrade, 5.25": 059-150-600
UPGRADE WIN/WORD 6.0*#RESLR COMP: 059-151-601 (3.5" competitive upgrade)
UPDATE WIN/WORD 2.0/6.0 RESLLR VERS: 059-051-112 (list price $99, 3.5" version upgrade)
Competitive Upgrade, 3.5": 059-051-601 (list price $129)
Full, 3.5": 059-050v600 (list price $495)


Disk Assy 059-151-675, 8/31/1994 12pm

Word 6.0 for Windows Competitive Upgrade (buy it)

Searches hard and floppy disks for qualifying software during installation. You qualify if you are using: Word for Windows 2.0 or earlier, Word for DOS 6.0 or earlier, Ami Pro, Display Write, WordPerfect for DOS or Windows, or other word processing programs (ask MS for details on this last item). Minimum system requirements are Windows 3.1 or later, 286 or faster processor, 4MB RAM, 5-25MB disk space, EGA or higher display resolution. Includes the following materials:

Retail box sleeve 0994 Part No. 61482
Seven 1.44MB disks with brown paper tape seal over two plastic envelopes. Disk 1 labeled Disk Assy 059-151-675 with file dates 8/31/94 12:00 PM.
Registration card 1095 Part No. 68728 (with US and Canadian post cards)
License Agreement "MICROSOFT WORD VERSION 6.0, LICENSES: 1", 0495 Part No. 64358. Note that there is no indication of this being an upgrade license.
Supplemental Offers sheet for Word 6.0 for DOS (license covers both versions), 0394 Part No. 56756

Supplemental Offers sheet for alternative media, conversion disks, etc., 0395 Part No. 62588
Shortcut and WordPerfect equivalents card, foldable into a prism, Part No. 51167
Quick Results manual, 197 pages, Document No. WB62546-0295, bar code 62546
User's Guide manual, 862 pages, Document No. WB60460-0794, bar code 60460

Word 6.0 for Windows version upgrade (buy it)

You are eligible for this if you have any of the programs listed below. The installation program will search your disk drives for them.
MS-Word 6.0 for DOS or earlier
MS-Word 1.0 for Windows
MS-Word 2.0 for Windows

The license agreement covers both Word 6 for DOS and for Windows

Word 95 (7.0) (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:


Microsoft Word 97 Upgrade

Word 97 for Windows (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

Word 97 Arabic, VUP, CD: 059-01139 
Excel 97 & Word 97 for Alpha: "WRD/EXC 97 WINNT EN NA CD COM", 112-00009

Word 97 Competitive Upgrade. You qualify for this if you are a licensed user of Microsoft Word for MS-DOS (2.0 or later), Microsoft Word (all versions of Windows and Windows NT Workstation), Ami Pro for Windows (1.0 or later), WordPerfect for MS-DOS (4.0 or later), WordPerfect for Windows (5.1 or later), WordPro 96 Edition for Windows and Windows 95, WordStar for MS-DOS (1.0 or later), WordStar for Windows (1.0 or later), WordStar 2000 for MS-DOS (3.0 or later), WordStar Pro for MS-DOS (1.0 or later).

Word 97 Competitive Version Upgrade, 059-00442 - You qualify for this if you own Word for DOS 2.0 or later, any version of Word for Windows, WordPerfect for DOS 4.0 to 5.1, or WordPerfect 5.1 to 6.0.


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