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This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft SQL software, along with a brief list of features and notes. While you may find older versions of development tools in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft. All terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

SQL Server 4.x
SQL Server 6.0
SQL Server 6.5
SQL Server 6.5 Workstation
SQL Server 7.0


SQL Server 4.x (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

SQL 4.21/NT PTK RISC/INTEL: 228-174V421
SQL SERVER 4.21 for NT (CDROM): 228-075V421 (no client access licenses)
4.2 Enterprise Edition: 228-454V420 (perhaps full version)
SQL 4.21/NT ENTR INTEL: 228-774V421 (enterprise system with unlimited users)

Microsoft MS SQL Server 4.21 Enterprise
4.21 Enterprise with unlimited users. Has Sybase license sticker over box top and rear exterior.


SQL Server 6.0 (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

Client License Pak: SQL SRV 6.0 FOR NT CLIENT LIC SNGL: 2281075V600
Version upgrade, CD:226-075-600
SQL SERVER 6.0 FOR NT (CDROM): 228-075V600

Version Upgrade: You qualify to use this upgrade if you are a licensed user of any of the following Microsoft SQL Server products:
SQL Server for OS/2 Workgroup System 1.x or 4.x
SQL Server for OS/2 Departmental System 1.x or 4.x
SQL Server for OS/2 Unlimited User System 1.x or 4.x
SQL Server for Windows NT Server Workgroup System 4.x
SQL Server for Windows NT Server Departmental System 4.x
SQL Server for Windows NT Server Enterprise System 4.x
SQL Server 4.21a for Windows NT Server

Note: With this upgrade you are entitled to acquire the following number of Client Access License Upgrades:
OS/2 Workgroup System - 10; PS/2 Departmental/Unlimited User System - 64; Version 4.x for Windows NT Server: Workgroup System - 10; Departmental System - 64; Unlimited User System - 250; Version 4.21a for Windows NT Server - number obtained with the original product.

Microsoft MS SQL Server 6.0
SQL Server 6.0 - Retail with no client licenses. 228-075V600. Includes the following materials:
Retail box, rear marked 0495 Part No. 63894
CD-ROM in jewel case. Rear insert 0395 Part No. 63910. Product identification sticker 33539-425-0414595. Second sticker 228-075-020. CD face Disc Assy. 228-075-021, 0395 Part No. 63911
Registration cards, 1095 Part No. 68557
License agreement: 0395 Part No. 64567
License note: 0695 Part No. 66693
Read Me First letter, 0695 Part No. 63907
Service and Support Guide, 0495 Part No. 65700
Chart with System Catalog and Database Catalog, bar code label *64056 *
Setup, 113 pages, *63904 *
What's New, 23 pages, *65010 *
Comprehensive Index, 90 pages, *63902 *
Database Developer's Companion, 228 pages, *63901 *
Programming SQL Distributed Management Objects, 319 pages, *63899 *
Transact-SQL Reference, 728 pages, *63900 *
Administrator's Companion, 1098 pages, *63898 *

SQL Server 6.5 (buy it)

MS part numbers:
Workstation Part Numbers:
Full retail, 360-00007, "SQL WRKSTN 6.5 EN NA CD"

Server part numbers:
6.5 NFR: 228-00030
6.5 w 5 CAL: 228-00021
5 CAL License Pak: "SQL CLIENT 6.5 WINNT EN NA 5 MLP": 359-00010
6.5 w 10 CAL: 228-00020
SQL SERVER 6.5 EN NA CD NFR: 228-00030
SQL SERVER 6.5 EN NA CD 25CL: 228-00019
SQL SERVER 6.5 EN NA CD 100CL: 228-00017
SQL ENT 6.5 EN NA CD 25CL: 810-00006

SQL Server 6.5 (buy it)

SQL Server 6.5 EN NA CD 5CLwith 5 Client Access Licenses. Part No. 228-00021
Retail box rear 0496 Part No. 90132
SQL Server poster, 64056
MS SQL sever 6.5 Licenses Registration Card
MS SQL Server CD with the Key, Jewel case rear insert rear bar code 90137. White product sticker 228-075-035. Bar code 90137. Front insert rear 0496 Part No. 90190. CD face Disc Assy. 228-075-036, 0496 Part No. 90133
Administrator's Companion. 1098 pages, 63898
Transact-SQL Reference. 728 pages, 63900
Programming SQL Distributed Management Objects. 319 pages, 63899
Programming ODBC for Microsoft SQL Server. 94 pages, 69908
Guide to Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. 92 pages, 69910
Setup 113 pages. 63904
Database Developer's Companion. 228 pages, 63901
Comprehensive Index 105 pages, 69906
What's new in SQL Server 6.5. 529 pages, 69907

SQL Workstation 6.5 Version Upgrade

for users licensed for SQL Server/Workstation 4.2x or 6.0

SQL Server 7.0 (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

Full Retail SQL Server w 5 CAL: 228-00325
SQL SVR 7.0 ENGLISH NA CD 10 CLT: 228-00326

SQL CAL 7.0 WINNT EN NA CVUP MLP 5: 359-00239 (This is SQL 7 version upgrade 5 CAL zipper pack)


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