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This document lists brief descriptions of current and older MS-C development tools for the PC, along with notes and a brief list of features. While you may find older versions of development tools in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor. All terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other Microsoft version information. Information on other vendors' products. For technical questions, we recommend you ask on the usenet newsgroup news:comp.lang.c. Microsoft's licensing spokesperson "Rich H." told me, on 2-8-00, that anyone with a valid license to use any recent version of Visual C++ is also licensed to use any older version of Microsoft C/C++ products. I haven't heard this before, so you should confirm this for yourself. Previously, Microsoft representatives had stated that you could downgrade only two version levels.

C 4.0
C 5.0
C 5.1
C 6.0
C/C++ 7.0

QuickC 1.0x for DOS
QuickC 2.0 for DOS

QuickC 2.01 for DOS
QuickC 2.50 for DOS
QuickC 2.51 for DOS
QuickC for Windows

Visual C++


C 4.0 (buy it)

Contains six 360K 5.25" disks, plus another "Learning Codeview" disk and (sometimes) a Windows Dev. Kit 1.01 Update Disk. Disks are numbered 048-014-052 through 056, 048-014-060 and 048-014-058 (Codeview) and 048-014-063 (Windows Dev. Kit). Part number for product overprinted on disk labels is 048014.400. (C) Copyright 1985, 1986, in license agreement envelope 0386 Part No. 999-999-812. Includes documentation in three vinyl covered 3 ring binders containing four manuals.
User's Guide, Document Number 410840001-400-R03-0486 Part Number 048-014-034. 444 pages.
Microsoft CodeView and C Language Reference Manual - contains two manuals. The CodeView manual is Document Number 410840010-400-R03-0486 Part Number 048-014-036, 245 pages. The Language Reference manual is Document Number 410840018-400-R01-0486, 227 pages
Run-Time Library Reference Manual, Document Number 410840017-400-R01-0486, Part Number 048-014-040, 470 pages
Quick Reference Guide, 24 pages, Document number 410840005-400-R01-0486, Part No. 048-014-041

C 5.0 (third party books)

Microsoft C 5.0
C 5.0, Microsoft product number 048-014V500. Nine 360K diskettes. Customers had the option of ordering 3.5" diskettes from Microsoft. Files on disk one dated 10/15/87 05:00:00am. Printed materials include:
3.5 Disk Availability Card, 0387 Part No. 999-999-736
License agreement (Printed on the face of the envelope holding the diskettes, with seal license agreement.), 0386 Part No. 999-999-811
Read This First card, trifold, Part number: 048-014-089. Document number: 410840020-500-R00-0887
Box, 0787 Part No. 048-014-126
Registration card, detachable from bifold. Marked in purple ink stamp with Product Number "048014.500"
Order form for Run-Time Library Source Routines, 0887 Part No. 048-014-091
Guide to Microsoft Languages, 0987 Part No. 00625
Language Support Directory, 0887 Part No. 098-048-214
CodeView Function-Key Templates, (for F10) Part No. 999-999-630 and (for F12) 999-999-632
Language Reference, Microsoft CodeView and Utilities. 246 pages for Language Reference and 401 pages for CodeView section in a single three ring binder with Part Number 048-014-098. And Document Number 410840018-500-RO2-0887 printed on inside of cover page.
Quick Reference Guide, 83 pages. Wire bound. 0787 Part No. 048-014-094
Run-Time Library Reference, 687 pages, Three ring binder with Part No. 048-014-104 Document No. 410840017-500-R04-0887 printed on inside of cover page.
User's Guide and Mixed-Language Programming Guide, 313 pages for User's Guide, 140 pages for Mixed Language Programming Guide section combined in a single 3 ring binder. Part No. 00177 Document No. 410840001-500-R04-0887A.

C 5.1 (third party books)

MS Part Numbers:
5.25" retail: 048-014V510
3.5" retail: 048-???V510

Microsoft C 5.1

C 5.1 - The 5.25" version includes 14 disks
The 3.5" disk version includes ten 720K diskettes as follows:
Contains 10 3.5" disks:
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Setup, include files, and startup source code
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Compiler
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Microsoft CodeView for OS/2, Microsoft Editor, and include files
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Utilities
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Microsoft CodeView for MS DOS with Tutorial
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - MS OS/2 Libraries 1
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - MS OS/2 Compiler
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - MS OS/2 Libraries 2
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Libraries (Small, Medium, Compact, and Large Models
Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler - Floating Point Libraries and Microsoft
And three 5.25 disks:
Learn C Now Compiler Disk 1 of 3
Learn C Now Support Disk 2 of 3
Learn C Now Tutorial Disk 3 of 3
and the following printed materials:
3 1/2" Disk Availability card, 0387 Part No. 999-999-736
Registration card and Repair/Replacement Order Card, 0387 Part No. 999-999-708
License Agreement, Part No. 02030, three hole punched
CodeView Function-Key Template: for F10 keyboards, Part No. 999-999-630. for F12 keyboards, Part No. 999-999-632
Letter from Pat Crenshaw on disk formats, 0388 Part No. 03151
Microsoft C 5.0 Quick Reference Guide, Document Number 410840005-R02-0887, 787 Part No. 048-014-094
or Microsoft C 5.1 Quick Reference Guide, Document Number 410840005-500-R02-0887, 1287 Part No. 01690
Language Support Directory for Microsoft C Optimizing Compiler and Microsoft QuickC Compiler, 0887 Part No. 098-048-214
Vinyl covered 3 ring Microsoft binder "Library Reference," 687 pages.
Vinyl covered 3 ring Microsoft binder "User's Guide, Language Reference," with following sections:
- Version 5.1 Update, 59 pages
- User's Guide, 313 pages
- Language Reference, 246 pages
- Mixed Language Programming Guide, 140 pages

Vinyl Covered 3 ring Microsoft binder "Run-Time Library Reference", Document No. 410840017-500-R04-0887, Part No. 048-014-104, 687 pages
Vinyl Covered 3 ring Microsoft binder "CodeView and Utilities, Microsoft Editor, Mixed-Language Programming Guide", Document No. 410840010-500-R02-0887, Part No. 016-014-042, 401 pages, 140 pages, 123 pages, 81 pages (update)

C 6.0 (third party books)

MS Part Numbers:

C 6.00(DUAL) RETAIL: 048-044V600
WIN/C6.0 BUNDLE 5.25: 185-150V300 (MS C 6.0 and SDK bundle)

Microsoft C 6.0
C 6.00 - MS part number for dual media version is 048-044V600. First diskette (Setup) on 3.5" is labeled "07105". Has most recent file dated 3/11/90 15:21, on 5.25" Setup/Compiler 1 diskette is labeled "07070". Most recent file is dated 3/13/90 19:11.

C 6.00a, This may be packaged at least five different ways:
Updates to 6.00, on 720K or 1.2MB disks, This is the 6.00a Fix disk set. It updates your 6.00 installation to 6.00a.
Stand-alone versions include: eight 1.2MB diskettes. Disk one, labeled "Disk Assy 048-044-120", most recent file date (C3L.EX$) is 9/7/90 12:43:24pm.
Six 1.2MB diskettes plus two 720K diskettes. Disk one may not have a Disk Assy number. If it does, it is "048-044-120".
Twelve 720K and one 1.44MB diskettes with most recent file on first disk, labeled 048-045-141, (CL.EX$) dated 9/12/90 1:22:14pm. SKU 048-044V600 (with no SDK)
Nineteen 360KB diskettes with disk one labeled "Disk Assy 048-044-147" - no SDK
Version "a" indication is in file packing.lst on the first diskette, but not in the readme.doc files. Retail package may be bundled with the Windows Software Development Kit in a larger box with sleeve 0191 Part No. 20140 Printed materials in the C 6.0 package include:
Box 0890 Part No. 14356
Diskette envelope printed with MS License Agreement, 0389 Part No. 06536
Registration card (plus address change and replacement cards), 0391 Part No. 22202
Run-Time Library Source Routines order form, 0789 Part No. 07121
OS/2 Presentation Manager Toolkit offer card, 0590 Part No. 13925
C Supplemental Tools disk letter, 0491 Part No. 22152
Inside Microsoft C magazine offer, Part No. 12484, SUI: 19E 180
Nu-Mega CV/1 offer
Microsoft Press C Books order form, Part # 097-000-413
Glockenspiel C++ with CommonView card, 0189 Part No. 06105
Imagesoft C++ with CommonView card, 0690 Part no. 14357
360K Disk or CD-ROM Order Form, 0689 Part No. 07119
Manuals include:
Installing and Using the Professional Development System, 80 pages, 1089 Part No. 06516
Language Support Directory for Microsoft C, 33 pages, 1089 Part no. 07925
Microsoft C Advanced Programming Techniques, 477 pages, 1089 Part No. 06514
Microsoft C Reference, wire bound, 380 pages, 1089 Part No. 06515
Additional manuals - part of SDK?
Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit, Installation and Update Guide, 0290 Part No. 06853
Microsoft C, Developer's Toolkit Reference115 pages, 0990 Part No. 18161
Microsoft Professional Advisor, Library Reference, 46 pages, 0990 Part No. 18160
Microsoft Programmer's Library, User's Guide, 103 pages, 0489 Part No. 06209

QuickC (third party books)

MS Part numbers:

2.50, 3.5", Retail: 048-095V250

Quick C for DOS 1.00 (buy it)

Version 1.0 Product Disk labeled 00006, © 1987, five disk set in License Agreement envelope 0386 Part No. 999-999-811
Run-Time Library Reference 0787 Part No. 00005
Language Reference 0787 Part No. 00004
Programmer's Guide 0787 Part No. 00003

Version 1.01 Setup disk labeled 02181. Files dated 3/7/1988 5:01am.

Quick C 2.0 for DOS

Microsoft QuickC 2.0
QuickC 2.0 - MS product number 048-099V200. Requires 512K available user memory, DOS 2.1 or higher, two 360K disk drives (or hard drive). 10 5.25" 360K disks, with Setup labeled 04322. May include the following manuals (and/or more?):
Toolkit, 1088 Part No. 04320
Graphics Library Reference, 1088 Part No. 04408
Up and Running, 1088 Part No. 04321
Programmer's Guide, 0787 Part No. 00003
Language Reference, 0787 Part No. 00004
Run-Time Library Reference, 0787 Part No. 00005

Microsoft QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler 2.01
QuickC 2.01 (buy it)- MS product number for 5.25" media version is 133-099V201. Diskettes labeled: Microsoft QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler For IBM PCs and Compatibles Version 2.01 Microsoft Copyright 1987-1989. 3.5" version is 133-095V201. Label reads: "QASM/QC 2.10(3.5)", yes "2.10 even though it's version 2.01.

Includes the following materials:
Retail box sleeve, box rear lower left reads " Version 2.01, 0589 Part No. 06791"
License Agreement envelope 0389 Part No. 06536. Contains disks; Product Warranty Card (registration) with product number 133095.201 printed, 0389 Part No. 06756; and a Tandy 1000 TX notice, part number 1089 Part No. 09173.

Microsoft QuickAssembler Programmer's Guide, 0589 Part No. 06792
C for Yourself, 1088 Part No. 04319
Microsoft QuickC Toolkit, 1088 Part No. 04320
Microsoft QuickC Up and Running, 64 pages, 1088 Part No. 04321
Microsoft Systems Journal offer card (for three free issues on registration), 07016
Refund offer card, 0789 Part No. 07989
Microsoft Press books order form, Part No. 097-000-341
CompuServe offer, #07328, CS-1436C(08/89)
CompuServe membership manual, #07541, CS-1437(07/89)
Seven 720K 3.5" disks labeled Microsoft QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler. © 1987-1989
06804: Setup and Learning the Microsoft QuickC Integrated Environment
06805: Integrated Development Environment
06806: Utilities/Microsoft Quick Advisor
06807: Command-Line Compiler/Libraries 1
06808: Libraries 2/Fonts
06809: QuickAssembler 1
07361: QuickAssembler 2

QuickC 2.50 - Microsoft part number for 3.5" media version is 048-095V250
Includes the following printed materials:
Box sleeve: rear lower left marked Version 2.5, 0290 Part No. 10421
Four 720K 3.5" diskettes, Setup disk labeled Disc. Assy 048-095-092. Also available on 8 5.25" disks.
Registration card assembly, Product Number 048 095V 250 (in purple ink), 0389 Part No. 06756
QuickAssembler offer, 0690 Part No. 12871
CodeView Debugger version 3.1 offer, 1090 Part No. 18840
License Agreement envelope (used to hold diskettes), 0389 Part No. 06536
Up and Running, 75 pages, Document No. SY10424-0290, rear of cover 0390 Part No. 10424
QuickC Toolkit, inside cover indicates version 2.0, 336 pages, Document No. 410840031-200-R00-1088, rear cover marked 1088 Part No. 04320

Microsoft QuickC Compiler with Quick Assembler 2.51
QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler 2.51, update - Probably an update from QC 2.0. White box has SKU 133-099-252. Includes ten 5.25" disks.
Update, Document No. SY10426-0290, OEM D703-2Z0390 Part No. 10426
QuickAssembler Programmer's Guide, 0490 Part No. 12746

QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler 2.51 - MS part number for 3.5" media version is 133-095V251. 5.25" version is 133-099V251. Label may say it's QC 2.5. Includes manuals:
QuickAssembler Programmer's guide, 420pp, 0490 Part No. 12746
Up and Running, 75 pages
Toolkit, 357 pages (note, book is labeled "Version 2.5" on cover page)

Here are some additional manuals we received in one purchase. We suspect they were optional purchases, or might have been from a previous version..
Windows Programming Reference, 0491 Part No. 21049
Development Environment Guide, 0491 Part No. 21046
Perhaps: Toolkit, 289 pages, 0491 Part No. 21047
C for Windows, 632 pages, 0491 Part No. 21048

Microsoft QuickC 1.0 for Windows
QuickC for Windows 1.0 - MS part number for 5.25" version is 137-050V100. Four 1.44MB diskettes (disk 1 is 137-051-134) plus the following materials:
Development Environment Guide, 145 pages, 0491 Part No. 21046
Toolkit, 289 pages, 0491 Part No. 21047
C for Windows, 632 pages, 0491 Part No. 21048
Windows Programming Reference, 0491 Part No. 21049

QuickC for Windows Companion Products
QuickC for Windows Advanced Debugging Tools, Kit# 137-050-001
Microsoft Windows Graphical Environment Debugging Version, Kit# 137-051-001

Misc. (third party books)

Microsoft C and Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit





Windows Tool Kit for C - (137-050-003 (5.25") or 137-051-003 (3.5"). Includes Microsoft Windows Graphical Environment Debugging Version (050-230-300 (5.25") or 050-231-300 (3.5")), Petzold's Programming Windows (1-55615-264-7), and QuickC for Windows Advanced Debugging Tools (137-050-001 (5.25") or 137-051-001 (3.5"). Released in Sept. 1991?


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