Microsoft® Access® Software Details

This document lists brief descriptions of current and older Microsoft® Access® software for the PC, along with a brief list of features and notes. While you may find older versions of development tools in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience.
Information on other Microsoft products. Info on other vendors' products. For technical questions, we recommend asking on the usenet newsgroup access Terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft's licensing spokesperson "Rich H." told me, on 2-8-00, that anyone with a valid license to use any recent version of Access is also licensed to use any older version of Access. I haven't heard this before, so you should confirm this for yourself. Previously, Microsoft representatives had stated that you could downgrade only two version levels.


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Access 1.0
Access 1.1
Access 2.x (Office 4.x)
Access 95 (Office 95)
Access 97 (Office 97)
Access 2000 (Office 2000)
Access 2002 (Office XP)

Microsoft Access 1.0 for DOS

Access 1.0 for DOS. This is not really a database program, but communications software. Available in 5.25" only.
Retail sleeve 0785 Part No. 066-099-005. System Requirements: 256K memory, DOS 2.0 or higher, two double-sided disk drives or one hard disk, asynchronous communications adapter, modem. Includes three 360K 5.25" diskettes plus the following printed materials:
License Agreement envelope (holds diskettes): Part No. 999-999-875
Custom Menu Developer's Kit Order Card, 0885 Part No. 066-099-016
Registration card, 0984 Part No. 999-999-886
Microsoft products catalog, 1284 Part No. 999-999-888
Promotional materials from: Dow Jones News/Retrieval, OAG Electronic Edition, MCI Mail, Western Union EasyLink Service, CompuServe, and NewsNet
Quick Reference Guide, 24 pages, Document No. 990660005-100-R00-0685, Part No. 066-099-012
Three ring binder, loose-leaf manual, 427 pages, Document Number: 990660004-101-R01-1285, Part Number: 066-099-029

Access 1.0 for Windows (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

UPGRADE MS ACCESS 1.00 (3.5) DIRECT: 077-051-101

Access - Business Information Access Program, Menu Developer's Kit

Microsoft Access 1.0 for Windows

Access 1.0 for Windows. Both a 5.25" and a 3.5" were produced. MS part number for 3.5" package is 077-151V100. 5.25" is 077-150V100. I've never seen a Developer's Toolkit. Have you? Email me at Includes eight 1.2MB and one 360K diskettes. Cardboard slipcase rear lower left labeled 1192 Part No. 39411. Box top label reads: MS ACCESS 1.00 (5.25) INTRO. Includes the following printed materials:
Warning notice, green paper. 1192 Part No. 39455
License card, 0691 Part No. 19427
Access Advisor Magazine offer, Part No. 38975
Cobb and Pinnacle newsletter offer card, Part No. 38062
Softbite training offer, Part No. 38578
Instant Access, 30 pages, DB31877-1092, 31877
Getting Started, 26140
User's Guide, 717 pages, DB26141-1092, 26141
Language Reference, 26142
Introduction to Programming, 26143
Microsoft Graph User's Guide (3.0), 118 pages, document Number WB37268-0992, 37268

Access 1.1 (buy it)

Microsoft part numbers:

Access 1.1 Version Upgrade. 5.25": 077-050v181
Access 1.1 Version Upgrade. 3.5": 077-051v181
Access 1.1 Competitive Upgrade. 5.25": 077-050-209
Access 1.1 Competitive Upgrade. 3.5": 077-051-209
Access 1.1. 5.25": 077-050v110
Access 1.1. 3.5": 077-051v110

Access 1.1 Version Upgrade. Product numbers: 077-050v181 (5.25"),
077-051v181 (3.5")
When issued, sold for $14.95. Microsoft says the 1.0 version must be installed to use the 1.1 upgrade.

Access 1.1 Competitive Upgrade. Product numbers: 077-050v209 (5.25"),
077-051v209 (3.5")
When issued, sold for $129.

Microsoft Access 1.1 for Windows

Access 1.1. Product numbers: 077-050v110 (5.25"),
077-051v110 (3.5")
When issued, priced at $495.
Printed materials include:
License card, "MS ACCESS 1.10 (1.44MB), 0691 Part No. 19427
Softbite International training offer, Part no. 53294
SmartAccess newsletter offer, PART NO. 51556
720K Disk Offer, 0493 Part No. 51899
MS Access Companion disk offer for registration mailing, 0593 Part No. 52911
Readme file and networking reminder card, yellow paper, 1092 Part No. 38851
Inside Microsoft Access newsletter offer, Part No. 51557
Access Advisor magazine offer, Part No. 38975
Accessories Volume 2, catalog, Summer-Fall 1993, Part No. 54634
Instant Access, 30 pages, 31877
Graph User's guide, 118 pages, 37268
Getting Started, 176 pages, 52483
Introduction to Programming, 166 pages, 26143
Language Reference, 543 pages, 52485
User's Guide, 727 pages, 51392

Microsoft Access 1.1 Distribution Kit

Access 1.1 Distribution Kit - This lets you make applications you can distribute to people who don't own their own copy of Access.

Access 2.0 (buy it, buy third party books)

Access 2.0
MS Part numbers:
Upgrade: 077-051-207
Full, NFR: 077-551V200
MS ACCESS 2.00 (1.44MB): 077-051V200
Full Academic: MS ACCESS 2.00 (1.44MB)AE, 077-351V200
Developer's Kit, full retail: 077-751V200

Microsoft Access 2.0 Upgrade

Access 2.0 Special Upgrade - MS part number for this package is 077-051-207. This program will search your hard disk and/or floppy drive to confirm your eligibility for this special upgrade version. To be eligible, you must be a licensed user of one of the following: MS Access 1.1 or earlier, MS Office, Paradox, dBASE, Approach, Q&A for Windows, FoxPro, MS Works, FileMaker Pro for Windows, Powersoft PowerBuilder, or Clipper 5.0.
Upgrade disk 1, Setup: Disk Assy 077-051-420

Access 2.0 Trade-Up Edition. MS part number 077-051-207 (same as special upgrade version above, but different packaging)

Microsoft Access 2.0The box with the purple triangle is unusual. It's missing the SKU label normally on MS product box tops. We found a group of four of these in Idaho--never any others. Definitely looks authentic. Strange.

Access 2.00 (buy it)

System requirements: MS-DOS operating System 3.1 or later. Microsoft Windows, Windows for Workgroups or Windows NT operating system 3.1 or later. Personal computer using a 386SX or higher microprocessor. 6MB of memory (8MB recommended). Hard Disk space required for minimum installation, 6MB (maximum all files 23 MB). One 3 1/2" high density floppy disk drive. EGA or higher resolution video adapter (VGA or higher recommended). Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

Includes the following materials:
Seven 1.44MB disks with files dated 4/5/94 12:00am. Disk 1 is labeled Disk Assy 077-051-416 on version 2.00
Retail box slip case, 0294 Part No. 58175
Proof of License card, "MICROSOFT ACCESS® VERSION 2.00, FOR WINDOWS™", 1093 Part No. 55151
Registration card assembly, 0394 Part No. 56887
Tools offer brochure, 0494 Part No. 57141
Supplemental Offers sheet, 0194 Part No. 53729
Manuals: (we think a typical package probably includes these three)
Language Reference, 873 pages, Document No. DB59991-0694, rear cover bar code 59992.
Getting Started, 168 pages, Document No. DB53726-0294, rear cover bar code 53726
Building Applications, 428 pages, Document No. DB53727-0294, rear cover bar code 53727

Access 2.0 3.5" 1.44MB Disk 1 setup labeled "Version 2.0" with Disk Assy 077-051-416. Files dated 4/5/1994 12:00am.
Access 2.0b. What was fixed in this version? Email me at

Microsoft Access 2.0 Developer's Toolkit

Access Developer's Toolkit 2.0 (buy it)

MS part number for this package is 077-751V200. Used to create Access applications that run under Windows 3.1, and which can be distributed. Includes the following materials:
Five .44MB diskettes with files dated 4/14/1994 12:00am. Disk one is labeled Disk ?Assy 077-751-019
Retail box sleeve, 0294 Part No. 55353
Registration card assembly, 0794 Part No. 59463
License Agreement, 0694 Part No. 58003
License letter, 0694 Part No. 58002
Smart Access offer, PART NO. 57143
Misc. other marketing materials for add-on products, magazines, and newsletters
Advanced Topics, with license agreement inside front and back covers, Document No. DB55355-0394, 227 pages plus warranty pages, Bar code label 55355
Language Reference, 873 pages, Bar code label 59992
Help Compiler Guide (this may not have been included), Document No. DB50618-0293, 171 pages, Bar code label 50618

Access Developer's Toolkit 2.0, International Version - The only copy I've seen had no box. Included four 1.44MB diskettes. Only books were:
Help Compiler Guide, 171 pages, number on back of book, 50618
Advanced Topics, 227 pages plus warranty pages, Bar code label 55355

Microsoft Access Solutions Pack

Access Solutions Pack. Ready-to-run applications for Microsoft Access 2.0. MS part number for the 3.5" package is 077-851V200. Includes applications for Sales Manager (store, track, and pinpoint information about sales contacts and business opportunities), Asset Tracker (track and manage tangible, non-disposable property), Registration Desk (for event registration), and Service Desk (manage service requests from receipt to completion).

Access 7.0/Access 95 (buy it)

MS Part numbers:

UPGRADE MS ACCESS '95 C/VUP (DMF): 077-054-004
Full: 077-756V700
Developer's Toolkit NFR, CD: 0775756V700
Developer's Toolkit on CD: MS ACCESS '95 ADT (CDROM): 077-756V700

Microsoft Access 95 upgrade

Access95 Upgrade (buy it)

You qualify for this if you own any of the programs listed below. The installation program will also search your disk drives for them.
Access 2.0 or earlier, FoxPro for DOS 2.0 or later, FoxPro for Windows, MS Office 4.3 or earlier, Visual FoxPro 3.0, Alpha Five for Windows 1.0, Alpha Four for MS-DOS 3.0 to 6.0, Borland dBASE for DOS III+, IV and 5.0, dBASE for Windows 5.0, Borland Paradox for DOS 5.0 or earlier, Borland Paradox 5.0 for Windows 5.0 or earlier, CA-Clipper 5.0 to 5.3, Claris FileMaker Pro for Windows 2.1 or earlier, DataEase for Windows 5.0 or earlier, Lotus Approach for Windows 3.0 or earlier, Microrim R:Base for MS-DOS 2.11 to 4.5++, R:Base for Windows 3.1 to 5.1, Personal Oracle 7 for Windows, PowerBuilder 3.0 or 4.0, Superbase for Windows 1.2 to 4.1.3, SuperBase for Windows 95 3.0, Symantec Q&A for MS-DOS 4.0 or earlier, Symantec Q&A for Windows 4.0, WindowsBase 2.0.

Includes the following materials:
Ten 1.44MB diskettes with files dated 10/5/1995 12:00pm, with disk 1 labeled Disk Assy 077-074-024
Retail box sleeve 0895 Part No. 62410
License Agreement 0495 Part No. 64358. "MICROSOFT ACCESS FOR WINDOWS '95, VERSION 7.00, LICENSES: 1"
Registration card assembly, 0695 Part no. 65770
Accessories catalog, Fall 1995, 32 pages, Part Number 62417
Supplemental Offers, 0995 Part No. 62415
Access Developer's Journal offer, Part No. 68559
Printed Manuals:
Apparently none were included in the retail box.

Access for Windows 95 - MS part number for this package is 077-054-004.

Access Developer's Toolkit. NFR package is labeled "Promotional Sample, Not for Resale" on box cover. MS Part number for this package is 0775756V700.

Access Developer's Toolkit, version 7.0 (buy it)

Microsoft Access Developer's Toolkit 7 for Windows 95

Includes the following materials:
Toolkit CD face marked Disc Assy. 077-756-012, 1295 Part No. 69790. Jewel case front insert 0895 Part No. 67226. Rear insert 0895 Part No. 65276. Jewel case rear has orange CD-Key sticker with key #.
Access Developer Sampler CD in cardboard sleeve 1095 Part No. 66400. CD face: Disc Assy. 077-756-008, 1095 Part No. 66401
License Agreement card 1095 Part No. 65285
3.5" disk offer 0995 Part No. 67846, Kit No. 077-754-010
Getting Started card, bar code 67478
Printed manuals:
Your Unofficial Guide to Using OLE Automation…, 32 pages, 0995 Part No. 65283
Microsoft Office 95 Data Access Reference, 361 pages, 65279
Microsoft Access Language Reference, 953 pages, 65250

Access 97/Access 8 - (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

Academic: 077-00461
Special upgrade: 077-00366
Full(?): 077-00931, 077-00370

CD markings:
SR-1, © 1992-1996, 0797 Part No. X03-31704
Upgrade, SR-1, © 1992-1996, 0797 Part No. X03-32032

Special Upgrade Price package requires you to be a licensed user of Excel 97 & Word 97 for Alpha systems, Any MS Office for Windows or Windows NT, Office Small Business Edition, Microsoft Works, Access 1.0 or later, FoxPro 2.0 for DOS or later, FoxPro for Windows 2.5 or later, or visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0.


Access 2000 (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

Upgrade: 077-01277

Access 2000 Upgrade. To qualify for this, you must be licensed to use any MS Office version 4.0 or later for Windows or Windows NT or any of the following: Access 2.0 or later, FoxPro 2.6 or later (not for Mac), Visual FoxPro 3.0 or later (not for Mac). Claims to search hard disk for one of these during installation.

Access 2002 (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

"Access 2002 Win32 English NA VUP CD": 077-02049

Upgrade version: Searches your hard disk and/or floppy disk to confirm eligibility for this upgrade. Will install only if it finds any version of Office 97 or Office 2000. Or Access 97 or Access 2000. Requires Office 98 or later or Windows NT SP6 or later.

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