Microsoft® Visual C++ Version Information

This document lists brief descriptions of current and older MS-C++ development tools for the PC, along with notes and a brief list of features. While you may find older versions of development tools in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other vendor. All terms on this page are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other Microsoft version information. Information on other vendors' products. For technical questions, we recommend you ask on the usenet newsgroup news:comp.lang.c++. Microsoft's licensing spokesperson "Rich H." told me, on 2-8-00, that anyone with a valid license to use any recent version of Visual C++ is also licensed to use any older version of Microsoft C/C++ products. I haven't heard this before, so you should confirm this for yourself. Previously, Microsoft representatives had stated that you could downgrade only two version levels.

MS C and QuickC
C/C++ 7.0
Visual C++ 1.0
Visual C++ 1.5x
Visual C++ 2.x

Visual C++ 4.x
Visual C++ 5.0
Visual C++ 6.0


C/C++ 7.0 (third party books)

MS Part Numbers:
Fullfillment 3.5": 048-045-245, FULFILL C/C++ 7.0
Update C 1.x/7.0* 3.5: 048-044V600
Update C 1.x/7.0* 5.25: 048-044V700 (includes SDK)
UPGRADE C/C++7.0*3: 048-045-210
C/C++ 7.00(3.5)H UPG: 048-045-210 (includes SDK)

Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 direct box 

C/C++ 7.0 - System requirements: DOS 3.3 or later (5.0 or later recommended), Windows 3.1 (if using the Windows SDK), 80386 or higher processor, 4MB or RAM, 25MB of disk space for C/C++, 25MB for SDK. Primary monitor EGA, VGA, super VGA, XGA, 8514/A, Hercules graphics card or compatible video graphics adapter supported by Windows 3.1. Optional secondary monitor must be VGA.
Includes the following:
3.5" MS-C/C++ (disks 1 through 9), Disk Assy numbers: 048-045-251 through 048-045-259
Windows Software Development Kit (disks 1 through 10) Disk Assy numbers:050-151-066,050-151-067,050-151-053,050-151-054,050-151-068,050-151-056,050-151-057,050-151-058,050-151-059,050-151-061
C 6.0 Run-time Libraries, Disk Assy number: 050-151-060
Source Profiler, Disk Assy number: 048-045-064
386MAX Version 6.02, boxed
Printed materials:
CompuServe offer
Windows Software Development Kit Version 3.1 Additional Documentation order form. 0392 Part No. 33265, Kit No. 048-044-220
Microsoft Test offer, 0192 Part No. 29359
C++ Journal Offer, 0592 Part No. 34785
Tips for Fast Compiling, 0192 Part No. 31268
Class Libraries Diagram, 1191 Part No. 28116
License Card, 0992 Part No. 36543
Quick Reference Guide, 1191 Part No. 28114
License Agreement for Windows Software Development Kit, 0392 Part No. 30238
Developer Resource Telephone Directory, 0892 Part No. 098-36865
Getting Started, 37 pages, 1191 Part No. 24777
Run-Time Library Reference, 923 pages, 1191 Part No. 24773
Class Libraries Reference, 1021 pages, 1191 Part No. 24776
Environment and Tools, 874 pages, 1191 Part No. 24778
C++ Tutorial, 205 pages, 1191 Part No. 24774
C Language Reference, 291 pages, 1191 Part No. 24771
C++ Language Reference, 452 pages, 1191 Part No. 24772
Programming Techniques, 323 pages, 1191 Part No. 24775
Class Libraries User's Guide, 334 pages, 1191 Part No. 28113
Comprehensive Index and Errors Reference, 558 pages, 1191 Part No. 24779
Windows Software Development Kit Setup Toolkit for Windows, 130 pages, 0392 Part No. 30213
Windows Software Development Kit Getting Started, 42 pages, 0392 Part No. 28914
Windows Software Development Kit Programming Tools, 265 pages, 0392 Part No. 28918
Source Profiler, User's Guide, 1191 Part No. 28117

Special Upgrade Offer - Originally sold for $139. For users of Borland C++, Turbo C, Microsoft C, and other C/C++ development systems. In white box with label "C/C++ 7.00(3.5)H UPG, 7750554"

UPGRADE C/C++ 7.0 - You qualify for this if you own MS C Prof. Dev. System, MS C optimizing compiler, Zortech C++, Glockenspiel C++, WATCOM C Compiler, Borland C++, Turbo C, or Turbo C++.

Visual C++ 1.5 Professional Edition allows you to create 16 bit OLE2 and ODBC database applications for Windows. It will also allow you to create DOS applications. This product hosts on both Windows and Windows NT. Original suggested retail price: $599. Upgrade: $99

Visual C++ 16/32-bit Suite contains all the functionality of Visual C++ 1.5 Professional and the Visual C++ 32-bit Edition to allow developers to have a 16 and 32-bit application development solution in one box. Suggested retail: $749. Special introductory offer for Microsoft database and development tools users was $199.

Visual C++ 1.0 32-bit Edition is also available as a stand-alone product to allow developers to create applications for Windows (using Win32s(R)) and Windows NT. It had a suggested retail price of $599. A special introductory offer was available until December 31, 1993, to Win32 Professional Development Kit and Visual C++ Professional Edition customers for $99. After December 31, 1993, this offer was priced at US$139.

Visual C++ 1.0 Standard Edition is targeted towards students and individuals learning C++ and Windows programming. Original retail price was $199.

Visual C++ 1.0 (third party books)

MS Part numbers:
VC++ 1.0 Standard, 3.5": 254-051V100
UPGRADE VISUAL C++/NT 1.00 )CD) DIR: 048-075-100
VISUAL C++ 1.0/NT INTRO CDROM RSLR: 048-075-020
VC++ 32 bit version for NT: 048-575v100
VC++ 1.0 Academic Edition, 3.5": 254-351V100
VC++ 1.0 Professional Upgrade, 3.5": 048-051-100
VC++ 1.0 Professional Special Upgrade, 3.5": 048-051-115
ASSY V/C++1.00/NT DOCS WIN32/S API: 048-075-010 (Set Two:Win32 Software Development Kit References)

Also included in Microsoft Press "Learn Visual C++ Now" book

Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Standard
Visual C++ 1.0 Standard

Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 Professional, upgrade
Visual C++ 1.0 Update - This was an upgrade for owners of MS C/C++ 7.0. I think it shipped directly from Microsoft. License Agreement card does not indicate that it is an update, but box the product shipped in is labeled "UPDATE VISUAL C++1.0" with MS product number 048-250-102. Includes the following materials:
License Agreement card, Printed with "Microsoft visual C++ version 1.0", 0193 Part no. 35804, although CD Jewel case rear insert states that it is the Professional Edition. CD face is labeled Disc Assy. 048-250-201.
Class Hierarchy and Quick Reference card, 39046
Direct Access for Microsoft Visual C++, volume Two, Part No. 51662 (third party products catalog)
Additional Documentation Offer, 0593 Part No. 52854
Reference Volume I, 1175 pages, individually, *35743*
Presenting Visual C++ in Our Own Words, *29680*
User's Guides (for) Visual WorkBench and App Studio, *29681*
C/C++ Version 7.0 Update, 132 pages, *35803*
CD-ROM User's Guide (not included with diskette version), 7 pages, *51238*
Class Library User's Guide, 334 pages, *35802*

Visual C++ 1.0 Professional - CD labeled Disc Assy. 048-250-201, Jewel case insert states professional edition, but CD itself doesn't, except in the volume label "VC100PRO" (under File Manager/NT Explorer, etc.). 0293 Part No. 35829. © 1985-1993. Files in root of CD dated 2/8/93 1:01:00am. CD also has images of the 24 diskettes in the 3.5" diskette version. Diskette version is packed in four packages of 5 1.44MB diskettes each. Diskettes are marked "Microsoft Visual C++ Professional Edition"
Includes the following printed materials:
License Agreement card, Printed with "Microsoft visual C++ version 1.0" even for Prof. Version, 0193 Part no. 35804
Registration card marked 048-051-115 by inkjet. 0792PN 35780
Class Hierarchy and Quick Reference card, 39046
Phar Lap's 286/DOS-Extender Lite package (with software), Assembly Part # 51618, Part # 39243
Promotional materials, including CompuServe.
Manuals in standard (smaller) package:
Reference Volume I, 1175 pages, individually shrinkwrapped, *35743*
Presenting Visual C++ in Our Own Words, *29680*
User's Guides (for) Visual WorkBench and App Studio, individually shrinkwrapped, *29681*
C/C++ Version 7.0 Update, 132 pages, individually shrinkwrapped, *35803*
CD-ROM User's Guide (not included with diskette version), 7 pages, *51238*
Class Library User's Guide, 334 pages, individually shrinkwrapped, *35802*
Alternative manual set manuals in the big box version:
Comprehensive Index, 36902
Professional Tools User's Guides: Programming Tools for Windows, CodeView Debugger User's guide, Command -Line Utilities User's Guide, Source Profiler User's Guide, 35800
User's Guides (for) Visual WorkBench and App Studio, *29681*
Programmer's Guides, C++ Tutorial, Class Library User's Guide, Programming Techniques, 29682
Reference Volume I Class Library Reference, 1175 pages, individually shrinkwrapped, *35743*
Reference Volume II: C Language Reference, C++ Language Reference, 468 pages, 35801
Reference Volume III: Run-Time Library Reference, iostream Class Library Reference, 50574
Windows SDK Programmer's Reference, Volume 1: Overview, 0392 Part No. 28915
Windows SDK Programmer's Reference, Volume 2: Functions, 0392 Part No. 28916
Windows SDK Programmer's Reference, Volume 3: Messages, Structures and Macros, 605 pages, 0392 Part No. 28917
Windows SDK Programmer's Reference, Volume 4: Resources, 0392 Part No. 30211

The Visual C++ 16/32-bit Suite includes Visual C++ Professional Edition, version 1.5 plus Visual C++ 32-bit Edition, version 1.0. These two products were bundled to give developers a 16-bit and 32-bit solution in one box. Visual C++ 32-bit Edition, version 1.0 does not, however, include support for OLE2 and database development. Visual C++ Professional Edition, version 1.5 gives you full support to create 16-bit OLE2 and database applications.

Visual C++ 1.5 (third party books)

MS Product Numbers:

VISUAL C++ 1.52 FOR WIN AE (CD): 254-356V152
V/C++ 1.50 PRO CDROM: 048-052V150
UPGRADE V/C++16/32SUITE1.50*INTR: 048-056-010
VISUAL C++ 1.52 FOR WIN (CD): 254-056V152

Microsoft Visual C++  1.50 Professional, upgrade

Visual C++ 1.50 Professional Upgrade

Visual C++ 1.5 contains new wizards and enhancements to the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) 2.5. Visual C++ Professional Edition, version 1.5 builds upon Visual C++ Professional Edition, version 1.0. VC++ 1.5 supports OLE 2.0 and ODBC. 16-bit. Runs under Windows NT or Windows 3.1.

Microsoft Visual C++ 1.50 Professional

Visual C++ 1.50 Professional, CD - Box sleeve 1193 Part No. 54517. Box top label "V/C++ 1.50 PRO CDROM". CD-ROM 1293 Disc Assy. 048-052-002. CD root directories dated 11/29/93 6:18:54pm. Jewel case rear insert 1293 Part no. 54515. Includes the following printed materials:
License agreement, inkjet printed: "MICROSORT® VISUAL C++ VERSION 1.50, PROFESSIONAL EDITION", 1193 Part No. 55849.
Registration card, Product number 048-052V150, 0593 Part No. 53468
Documentation offer/order form, 1193 Part No. 54523
Phar Lap Dos-Extender offer, Part #56060
Direct Access for Microsft Visual C++, Volume Two, Part No. 51662
Compuserve offer, CS-1542 WIN-1 (03/93)
Presenting Microsoft Visual C++ Version 1.5, Document No. DB55269-1193, Bar code label 55269
Getting Started, 45 pages, Document No. DB55268-1193, Bar code label 55268

Visual C++ 1.5 extended printed manuals (these were purchased separately from the software)
Database Classes For the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, 55249
OLE 2 Classes, 55250
App Studio User's Guide, 198 pages, 55251
Class Library User's Guide For the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, 55252
Class Library Reference For the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, 55253
Visual Workbench User's Guide, 212 pages, 55254
Programming Techniques, 55255
Programming Tools for Windows, 191 pages, 55256
CodeView Debugger User's Guide, 55257
Command-Line Utilities User's Guide, 55258
Source Profiler User's Guide, 78 pages, 55259
C Language Reference, 287 pages, 55260
C++ Language Reference, 455 pages, 55261
Run-Time Library Reference, 55265
iostream (sic) Reference, 55266

Visual C++ Development System Suite version 1.5, 16-Bit/32-Bit Suite, Special Introductory Offer

This package includes VC++ 1.5 Professional. Box sleeve 1193 Part No. 56006. Original list price was $199. You qualify for this if you have any of these MS products: Access, Delta, MASM, QuickPascal, Visual C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, QuickBasic, Test, Visual Tools Suite, C/C++, FoxPro, QuickC, or Visual Basic.

Visual C++ 1.5 Professional Editions, CD labeled 1293 Disc Assy. 048-052-002. Jewel case rear insert 1293 Part no. 54515

Visual C++ 1.5 Professional Special Upgrade Offer - Any user of MS VC++ is eligible for the Special Upgrade Offer.

Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52
Visual C++ 1.52 - Last edition which can produce 16 bit apps. Retail package with CD is MS part number 254-056V152 (pictured above). Rarely found in this form. Retail package includes the following:
Box sleeve, 0295 Part No. 64007
License agreement card, with inkjet printing: 34117-176-0252813, or 34117-176-0360165, or 34117-176-0040692, 0395 Part No. 64311
Registration cards, 0695 Part No. 65772, with Inkjet printing 254-056V152, also sometimes 0195 Part No. 62353
Visual C++ Resource Guide, Volume 4, Part #64120
CD-ROM in jewel case. Rear insert 0295 Part No. 64013 and white sticker 254-056-001. CD face Disc Assy. 254-056-002, 0295 Part No. 64012
Visual C++ Resource Guide, Part #64120 (this is a third party software catalog)
Getting Started, 49 pages, Document No. DB64020-0395, *64020 *
Using Visual C++, 212+198+233+221 pages. Document No. DB64017-0395, *64017 *
Tools, 191+176+250 pages. Document No. DB64018-0395, *64018 *
Microsoft Foundation Class Library, 283+408+292 pages. Document No. DB64019-0395, *64019 *

1.52 marked: CD-ROM Disc Assy. 254-056-002, 0295 Part No. 64012, with root dates 3-14-95 2:34:04am and volume label MSVC152.

1.52c marked: Disc Assy. 254-056-004, 0995 Part No. 67876, with root dates 9/30/95 12:11:01am and volume label MSVC152C.

1.52c marked: CD-ROM Disc Assy. 254-056-009, 0196 Part no. 69761, with root dates 1-25-96 10:10:03am and volume label MSVC152C. This assembly has an additional directory, "INSIDE2", that assembly 254-056-004 lacks.

Visual C++ 2.x (third party books)

MS Part Numbers:
Subscription Special Upgrade: 048-056-030
Retail, CD: 048-156-020
Alpha retail, CD: 048-875V200
Cross Development Edition for Macintosh:"V/C++ 2.00/NT (CD/3.5)XDEV SYS/MAC": 048-675V200

Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0
Visual C++ 2.0

V/C++ 2.0/WIN&NT(CD): 048-156-020. Includes VC++ 1.50 on 2.0 CD. Contains the following materials: retail box rear 0894 Part No. 60139. CD jewel case sticker 048-056-011, rear insert lower left 0894 Part No. 57496. Front insert booklet Document No. DB57495-0694. (C) 1994. Booklet rear bottom left, 0794 Part No. 57495. CD face Disc Assy. 048-056-012, 0994 Part No. 61509. Folders dated 9/20/94 2:55am.
Printed materials:
Registration card, 0195 Part No. 62353
MSJ offer, Part #: 57498
Visual C++ Resource Guide, Volume 4, Part #64120
Visual C++ Developer newsletter offer, PART NO. 61026
CompuServe offer, CD-1566 W1.1/1.2 (05/94)
Microsoft ODBC Driver Catalog, PART #60058
Phar Lap Dos-Extender offer, Part #56060
NT Workstation 3.5 order form, 0894 Part No. 61297, Kit No. 236-075-350
Visual C++ Version 1.5 Documentation Offer and order form, 0894 Part No. 58834, Kit No. 048-052-140
Postal mail envelope for order form return, 0794 Part No. 58838
License Agreement card, 0894 Part No. 61309
Class Hierarchy, 32-bit edition, and Quick Reference Guide for Foundation Class Library, Version 3.0, with attached VC++ Subscription offer and order form (0295 Part No. 64123). Bar code label *64123 * (alternative labeling 0894 Part No. 59537, SKU 048-056-020, *59537 *)
Getting Started, 49 pages. Title page: "Getting Started, Microsoft Visual C++, Professional Edition, Development System for Windows, Version 1.5". Document No. DB64020-0395. Rear bar code *64020 *
(an alternative edition of this appears to be Document No. DB61252-0894, *61252 *)
Introducing Visual C++. Title page: "Introducing Visual C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Development System for Windows and Windows NT, Version 2.0". Document No. DB57154-0694. 436 pages. Rear bar code *57154 *

(optional?) MFC Migration Guide, *098-57055* 

Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0, upgrade
Visual C++ 2.0 Special Upgrade

Visual C++ Subscription (with VC++ 2.0) Special Upgrade Offer. Product number 048-056-030. Subscription version 048-156-030? Box sleeve rear marked 0894 Part No. 57503. Your system may be scanned to confirm eligibility. Requires any MS C++ compiler, Visual Basic, FoxPro, Access, FORTRAN PowerStation, MSDN, Borland C++ 4.0 or later (excluding Turbo C++), Symantec C++ Professional 6.0 or later, or Watcom C++. The subscription edition gets you three development system and tools updates over the course of a year.

Visual C++ 2.0, CD Disc Assy. 048-056-012, 0994 Part No. 61509. Jewel case insert rear 0894 Part No. 57496. Contains VC++ 1.5x with BIN files dated 9/16/94.

Visual C++ 2.00 for NT Alpha - Product number 048-875V200. System requirements: Digital Alpha AXP-based or compatible personal computer running Windows NT 3.5 or later. 16MB of memory (32MB recommended). 10MB or 100MB disk space. Box sleeve rear marked 094 Part No. 61123

Visual C++ Cross Development Edition for Macintosh, Version 2.0 Add-on for Macintosh

Includes the following materials:
Retail box paper sleeve: rear bottom left 0694 Part No. 58045
License Agreement, marked "V/C++ 2.0/NT (CD/3.5)XDEV SYS/MAC, 0994 Part No. 60233
Addendum for Windows Portability Libraries to License Agreement, 0994 Part No. 61507
Registration cards, 0994 Part No. 61203
CD-ROM. Jewel case rear white sticker 048-675-001, Jewel case rear insert 0894 Part No. 58046, CD face Disc Assy. 048-675-002, 0794 Part No. 58047
Setup diskette: Disk Assy. 048-674-003
68K Getting Started, 37 pages, Document No. DB58048-0694, *58048 *
68K Programmer's Guide, 318 pages, Document No. DB58050-0794, *58050 *
68K Porting Reference, 785 pages, Document No. DB58049-0794, *58049 *


Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 Subscription, upgrade
Visual C++ 2.1 Subscription Update, Disc Assy. 048-056-014, 0395 Part No. 64766. Jewel case insert rear 0195 Part No. 62781. Contains VC++ 1.5x with BIN files dated 1/13/95 2:10:00pm. A second package form has Disc Assy. 048-056-052, 0195 Part No. 63782 and jewel case rear insert 0195 Part No. 62781. VC++ 1.5x BIN files on this package are also dated 1/13/95 2:10:00pm.

Visual C++ 2.2 Subscription Update, Disc Assy. 048-056-017, 0595 Part no. 65503. Jewel case insert rear 0595 Part No. 65509. Contains VC++ 1.5x with BIN files dated 1/13/95 2:10:00pm.

Visual C++ 4.x (third party books)

MS Part numbers:
Academic: 048-356V400
Professional Academic with Multimedia Training CD and Interactive Career Guide: 048-00016
Standard: 254-00003
V/C++STD 4.0 WIN EN NA CD AE: 254-00004
V/C++ PRO 4.0 WIN EN NA CD AE NA ON: 048-00016
Standard Subscription Upgrade: 048-056-060
Standard Subscription: 048-056-400
Standard Upgrade: 048-156-060
Upgrade single issue: 048-156-060A
Professional Subscription: 048-056V400
RISC Edition: 048-175V400
V/C++ 4.00/NT RISC EDITION (CD) NONUSA: 048-175AV400
Cross-Development Edition for Macintosh, Upgrade: 048-00033

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, upgrade
Visual C++ 4.0 Upgrade - Program will search your disk drive for one of the following: Any MS C++ compiler, MS VB 3 or later, Visual FoxPro 3 or later, Access 2 or later, Fortran PowerStation 4 or later, MSDN, Borland C++ 4.5 or later (excluding Turbo C++), Delphi, PowerBuilder 4.0 or later, Symantec C++ Prof. Version 7.0 or later, Watcom C++ version 10.0 or later.

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, Academic
Visual C++ 4.0 Standard, Academic Edition (Price) - MS Part number 048-356V400
Box top label reads " 254-0004, V/C++STD 4.0 WIN EN NA CD AE". Sleeve rear 0196 Part No. 69749. Registration card SKU 254-00004. Includes VC++ 1.52 CD, Disc Assy. 254-056-009, 0196 Part No. 69761. Jewel case rear insert varcode 69759. VC++ 4.0 CD Disc Assy. 254-056-008, 0196 Part No. 69760

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, Academic
Visual C++ Academic Edition with Mastering Visual C++ CD and Career Guide CD. MS part number 254-00013

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 StandardMicrosoft Visual C++ 4.0 Standard COA
Visual C++ 4.0 Standard, older style. MS part number 254-00003

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 StandardMicrosoft Visual C++ 4.0 StandardMicrosoft Visual C++ 4.0 Standard, COA
Visual C++ Standard, newer styles. MS part number 254-00003

Visual C++ 4.00 Subscription (Prof. Sub. looks identical except for box sleeve). These packages are frequently missing parts, have extra CDs, or are a jumbled mess, because of subscription upgrades over time. "Standard" box sleeve 0895 Part No. 65841. Prof. Box sleeve 0196 Part No. 90118.
Includes CDs:
Visual C++ Subscription. Jewel case rear insert 0895 Part No. 65863. Front insert booklet last page 0895 Part No. 65860, CD face Visual C++ Subscription Version 4.0. Disc Assy. 048-056-022, 0895 Part No. 65864
Visual C++ for 16-bit Windows-based Development, Jewel case rear insert 0696, bar code 92640. Front insert rear page 0696 bar code 92720. CD face Versions 1.52 and 4.1. 0696 Part No. 92639
Visual C++ 1.52c, Disc Assy. 254-056-004, 0995 Part No. 67876
Printed materials:
License card, inkjet "MICROSOFT VISUAL C++, VERSION 4.00, LICENSE: 1", 0895 Part no. 65082
Subscription Activation Request (registration) card, with detachable postcard. 0895 Part No. 65103
Visual C++ Subscriber decal
Visual C++ Version 4.0 Documentation order form, 0895 Part No. 65888, Kit. No. 048-052-140
Microsoft Visual C++ Directory, Summer 1996, 88 pages, Part No. 92873
Microsoft Visual C++ Directory, Winter/Spring 1996, 88 pages, Part No. 69156
Microsoft Foundation Classes Version 4.0 chart, 65887
Getting Started, 49 pages, 64020. Inside first page says "Professional Edition, Development System for Windows, Version 1.5"
Visual C++ Tutorials, 65885

Visual C++ 4.0 Complete (extended) printed manuals set probably includes:
Visual C++ Tutorials
App Studio Users Guide
C++ Language Reference
C Language Reference
Class Library Reference
Class Library Users Guide
OLE 2 Classes
iostream Reference
Programming Techniques
Visual Workbench Users Guide
Database classes
Run-Time Library References
Source Profiler Users Guide
Command Line Utility Users Guide
CodeView Debugger Users Guide
Programming Tools For Windows

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Professional Subscription
Visual C++ 4.0 Professional Subscription. MS part number 048-056V400

I opened an originally shrink wrapped package to get the following accurate parts list:
V/C++ 4.00 SUBSCRIPTION (CD). Includes the following materials.
Box sleeve, rear of box labeled 0196 Part No. 90118
"Visual C++ 4.0 Professional Subscription, Development System and Tools" CD. Disc Assy. 048-056-062, 0196 Part No. 69999. In jewel case with Microsoft Visual C++ Subscription booklet. Booklet rear 0895 Part No. 65860. Jewel case rear insert bar code label 69757. With yellow CD Key label and white label "048-056-056"
"Visual C++, Power Tools for MS-DOS and Windows, Version 1.52c" CD. Disc Assy. 254-056-004, 0995 Part No. 67876. Jewel case rear insert 0995 Part No. 67874. With white sticker "254-056-003"

License agreement card, 0895 Part No. 65082. MICROSOFT VISUAL C++, VERSION 4.00, LICENSES: 1" (Note: no mention of professional or subscription!)
Visual C++ Subscription Activation Request card. 0895 Part No. 65103
Printed Documentation (manuals) order form (for 4.0 and 1.5). 0895 Part 65888, Kit No. 048-052-140
Foundation Classes chart, bar code label 65887
Visual C++ Subscriber decal
Getting Started, 49 pages, Document No. DB64020-0395. Rear bar code label 64020
Tutorials, 483 pages, Document No. DB65885-0995. Rear bar code label 65885

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 RISC Edition
Visual C++ 4.00/NT RISC Edition, CD: MS Part number 048-175v400

Visual C++ Cross Development Edition for Macintosh 4.0. CD face is labeled 0396 Part No. 92013. Dual-formatted for Intel and Macintosh installation. Upgrade version is part number 048-00033, but reg. cards have number 048-675-060. Odd...
To qualify for the upgrade version you must be a licensed user of (original requirement) Visual C++ Cross-Development Edition for Macintosh version 2.0. It appears this requirement was (later?) liberalized to also include licensed owners of Macintosh-based tools: Apple Macintosh Programmer's Workshop Pro, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Gold, Symantec C++ Professional, Symantec Think C, and Symantec Zortech C++. Windows-based tools: Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland Delphi, IBM Visual Age C++, Symantec C++ Professional, and Watcom C/C++. Corss-development tools: Neuron Data Smart Elements, Rouge Wave Software zApp Application Framework, Visix Software Galaxy Application Environment, Willows SoftwareTwin XPDK, and Zinc Application Framework.

Includes the following printed materials:
Retail box sleeve: 0995 Part No. 65858
Registration cards marked 048-675-060, 0995 Part No. 67821 (note that SKU does not match box label)
ODBC Drivers 1.44 MB Disk Offer, 0995 Part No. 67877
License Agreement, 1095 Part No. 69102
CD-ROM with face marked 0396 Part No. 92013
Jewel case rear insert 1095 Part No. 65873
Manual: Visual C++, Porting Applications to the Macintosh, Cross development Edition for the Macintosh. 336 pages, Document No. DB65892-0995

Let's you turn existing Windows-based applications into Macintosh applications. Host on Windows95 or NT workstation and target the Mac. Produces code for Mac 68020 or later and System 7.0 or later.

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 Programming Starter Kit
Visual C++ Starter Kit

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 Enterprise Edition
Visual C++ 4.2 Enterprise Edition - MS part number 562-00032. Includes SQL 6.5 evaluation edition. 5 user, 120 day.

Visual C++ 5.0 (buy it, third party books)

MS Part numbers:
Learning Edition, Academic: "VC++ LRN ED 5.0 W32 EN NA CD AE", 254-00029
Professional Academic Edition: "V/C++ PRO 5.0 W32 EN NA CD AE", 048-00055
Professional Competitive Upgrade: "V/C++ PRO 5.0 W32 EN NA C/V CD": 048-00057
Professional retail: "V/C++ PRO 5.0 W32 EN NA CD", 048-00056
Enterprise retail: 562-00041 "V/C++ ENT 5.0 W32 EN NA CD"

Learning Edition - Includes VC++ 1.52 and 4.1, and MindQ Publishing's "Hands on Programming Using Microsoft Visual C++" multimedia tutorial. CD face is labeled 0197 Part No. 96616 with "Learning Edition" written under Visual C++. Includes "Getting Started" and "Introduction to C++" manuals. Retail box rear 0197 Part No. 96557

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional, AcademicMicrosoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional, upgradeMicrosoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional
Photos of AE, Upgrade, and Full retail boxes.

Visual C++ 5.0 Professional competitive upgrade - MS part number 048-00057. To be eligible for this you must have any of the following; Microsoft Visual C++1.0 or later, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 or later, Microsoft Visual J++ 1.0 or later, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 or later, Microsoft Fortran PowerStation 4.0 or later, Microsoft Access 2.0 or later, Borland C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Gold, Oracle Power Objects, Oracle Developer/2000, Powersoft Optima++, Powersoft PowerBuilder 3, 4, or 5, Symantec C++ Professional, or Watcom C/C++.
-Label on box reads V/C++ PRO 5.0 W32 EN NA C/V CD. Product number 048-00057
-System Requirements:
PC with 486DX/66 MHz or higher processor (Pentium 90 recommended)
Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later
20 MB of RAM (24 MB recommended) for Windows 95; 24 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended) for Windows NT Workstation
Hard-disk space required:
-Typical: 175 MB
-Minimum: 120 MB
-CD-ROM: 50 MB
-Maximum: 500 MB
CD-ROM Drive
VGA or higher-resolution moniter (Super VGA recommended)
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Academic Edition - MS part number 048-00055

Visual C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition adds SourceSafe and SQL Server 6.5 Developer's Edition to the items included in the Professional Edition.

Includes: Retail box sleeve, 0197 Part No. 97558
CD-ROM, Developer Network, Library - Visual Studio 97, 0197 Part No. 97449 with jewel case insert booklet 0197 Part No. 97447, rear insert bar code 977448. Jewel case rear has paper label 318-056-394
CD-ROM set, Visual C++ Enterprise Edition, Disc 1, 0197 Part No.96570, Disc 2 0197 Part No. 96571. Dual CD jewel case front insert bar code 96576. Rear insert 96574. White sticker 562-056-018. Orange sticker with CD KEY: 999-9999999
Registration cards for US and Canada, 0996 Part No. X03-05376, with SKU number 562-00041 printed in dot matrix.
End-user License Agreement: SQL Server 6.5, Developer Edition, 0297 Part No. X03-09013
End-user License Agreement: Visual C++ Version 5.0 Enterprise Edition, 0197 Part No. 96566
License Agreement, SourceSafe 5.0, 0195 Part No. 62720
Visual C++ for Windows CE offer, 0297 Part No. 92936
Visual C++ Directory, Spring 1997, Part No. X03-08705
Microsoft Foundation Class Library Version 4.21 chart, bar code 96562
Visual C++ Getting Started, 53 pages, Document No. 96564, Bar code 96564

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional, upgrade
Visual C++ 6.0 - MS Part numbers:
Academic: Enterprise - 562-00167, Professional - 048-00214, Standard 254-00050
VC Pro 6.0 Win32 English NA AE CD Refresh , 048-00318
Upgrade: Enterprise - 562-00148, Professional - 048-00215,
Upgrade with Windows 2000 Readiness Kit: Professional - 048-00319
Full: Enterprise - 562-00145, Professional - 048-00210, Standard - 254-00039
Full with Windows 2000 Readiness Kit: Enterprise - 048-00248, Professional - 048-00317
Upgrade: Enterprise, English 562-00150, Professional, English - 048-00217
Full: Professional, English - 048-00211, Standard, English - 254-00040

Upgrade version requirements: You must be a licensed user of one of the following products: VC++ Std or Pro 4 or later, VC++ Learning Edition 5 or later, Borland C++ or C++ Builder, IBM Visual Age, or Metroworks CodeWarrior.

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