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Some licensing information from MS OEM Sales representative Ray A., +1-800-325-1233, on 5 April 2000:
Purchases of unbranded OEM packages in the open market for resale to PC manufacturers for end user sales with new computers is OK. Unbranded sales of OEM products to end users are OK if the sale is bundled with a PC, motherboard, or hard disk drive. Branded OEM packages are subject to the license included with the branded package.

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME


Windows 95 (buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

Windows 95 Upgrade, 3.5": W95/ISK BBNDL 95 EN NA VUP 3H W/IES: 362-00242
Windows 95 Upgrade, CD: UPDATE WINDOWS 95 (CDROM): 050-052-950
Windows 95 for PCs without Windows, 3.5": W95/ISK BBNDL 95 EN NA 3H W/IESK: 362-00241
Windows 95, Vietnamese Edition: "WINDOWS VI 85 (3.5)H": 050-031VIV950

Identification on CD face:
0795 Part No. 000-04404 - Original Windows 95 OEM, marked "For Distribution Only with a New PC"
0196 Part No. 000-27722 - Windows 95 OEM version A. Most recent directory dated 1/16/96 2:58:12PM. Files in root dated 7/11/95 9:50:00am.
0196 Part no. 000-37080 - OSR1
0796 Part No. 000-45234 - OSR2
0796 Part no. 000-45236 - OSR2 with Plus!
0197 Part No. 000-59944, 230236 - OSR2 OEM with USB Support
1297 Part No. X03-52599 - OSR2.1 plus IE on CD
1297 Part no. X03-56265 - OSR 2.5 - adds IE 4.01 and Plus!
x0350348 - unknown version and features

If Windows95 is already installed, you can determine version number by:
Right-clicking the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Select Properties, General. Or, type VER /R at a DOS prompt.



DOS version



Windows 95 final release version of original retail and OEM versions.


7.00 [4.00.0950]

07|11|95 + 09:50:00


Windows 95a OSR1 final retail version

4.00.0950 a

7.00 [4.00.0950]

02|02|96 + 09:51:00


Windows 95B OSR 2.0 final OEM version

4.00.0950 B

7.10 [4.00.1111]

08|24|96 + 11:11:11


Windows 95B OSR 2.1 final retail version

4.00.0950 B

7.10 [4.00.1111]

04|10|97 + 12:14:00


Windows 95C OSR 2.5 final OEM version

4.00.0950 C

7.10 [4.00.1111]

11|26|97 + 12:16:00



Visit for more extensive information on Windows95 versions.

This from JR0959: I think the version you list under " unknown" is a version sold to the educational institutions. I typed the part number x03-50348 into a web search and got the page from Illinois school district 348. Here is some text from their web page that shows the CD part number and the version descriptions. I think that under version "C", in first part number, the "1296" may be a typographic error because I have only ever seen "1297" on the CD's.

Wabash Community School District 348.
Last Updated March 1999

Staff Technical Support :
Windows 95 Installations and Component Additions

If you're wanting to add Windows components or have corrupted system files to
overwrite, be aware that not all versions of Windows 95 are the same. You can
check your version by right-clicking "My Computer" on your desktop and
selecting "Properties." Make sure you do not use a CD ROM for an older

Version 4.00.950B of Windows 95
CD ROM #0197 Part No. 000-59990 and 0796 Part No. 000-45236

This is the version which pulled together the original, PLUS!, and fixes. Not
an upgrade CD. (All upgrades from Win 3.11 need the service pack 1 patch

Version 4.00.950C of Windows 95 Operating System Versions, aka OSR2
ON CD ROM:1296 Part No. X03-56247 and 1297 Part No. X03-50348

Windows98 (buy it)

Windows 98 Second Edition SE
MS Part Numbers:

Windows 98 2nd Edition Upgrade with Play Pack, "WINDOWS 98 ENGLISH NA VUP CD REFRESH": 730-00848

OEM. CD face marked © 1981-1998, 1298 Part No. X04-04214

Windows 98 Upgrade (730-00002) - You qualify for this if you are a licensed user of Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups 3.1x, or Windows 95.

Windows 98 Second Edition Upgrade (730-00848) - You qualify for this if you are a licensed user of Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups 3.1x, or Windows 95.


Windows Millenium Edition (Windows ME) (Buy it)

MS Part Numbers:

WINDOWS MILLENIUM EDTN ENGLISH NA: C83-0003 (Update from Win98/Win98SE)

Microsoft Windows ME OEM 3-pack cartonMicrosoft Windows ME OEM 3-pack cartonMicrosoft Windows ME OEM 3-pack carton
Windows ME OEM 3-pack carton

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