EMS is a proprietorship, owned by Eric Engelmann, engaged in the business of PC software production, hardware and software sales, and consulting services. Begun in 1984, EMS has thousands of customers in over 80 countries.

EMS Professional Shareware produces databases of technical tools and CD-ROM collections of freely distributable files. Award winning, best selling collections include the MS-Access, Assembler, C/C++, AutoCAD, Clarion, Clipper, Delphi, FoxPro, NetWare, Paradox, Pascal, Science/Engineering, Spreadsheet, VBASIC Library (for programmers using MS-Visual Basic), and the PC Products Database (240,111 record database of all PC HW/SW products and companies producing them).

EMS Consulting Services provides advice to software producers/distributors, sells hardware and software to clients, when EMS can provide best price/delivery, and (primarily) offers training and support for office technology specialists (mostly for a single, large, international financial institution).

EMS Publishing assists organizations who wish to make CD-ROMs and and publish information on the Internet, especially on Web pages. Particular strengths are in low cost and rapid production of informal and small scale projects.

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