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Contact Information (phone, fax, bbs, address, ftp, etc.) EMS Professional Shareware, EMS Consulting, and EMS Publishing are part of EMS. EMS Professional Shareware produced the world's largest, best indexed, most current, etc. collections of technical shareware for PC programmers, consultants, and AutoCAD specialists in the 1980s and 1990s. While the collections haven't been updated since 1997, they may be perfect for you if you are working with older software. If you need an order form, a simple form is online.

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Professional Shareware Libraries are comprehensive collections of all known Public Domain, Free, Shareware and commercial vendor patch/bugfix/add-on products supporting PC professionals in many specialty areas. Each library helps you get ALL available tools as quickly and economically as possible. All products are available only on CD-ROM.

Huge libraries of tools can be extremely helpful to you, but without organization their massive size makes finding the product you need a lot of work. You find tools for specific needs FAST with these CDs because each library's database directory lets you search for a product by type, name, vendor or with a free text search across product descriptions. Each library's directory lists the product, release date, size, producer, address, telephone numbers (including 800, Fax, BBS, EMail, etc.), price, product type, and short description. You can rapidly browse, print and copy the documentation and source code files for each ZIP file on-line. Many directories list other useful information, such as all known commercial products for a specialty (for "one stop shopping"), discount commercial software distributors, popular specialty BBSs, user groups, and glossaries of commonly used terms.

The directories let you easily and rapidly locate products that let you work more efficiently, produce better applications, increase profits, and keep from "reinventing the wheel". Our products help librarians and PC users groups provide an invaluable resource to their members, let developers determine what niches are left unfilled before developing new products, and provide software distributors with a comprehensive catalog of all the professional products their customers may need. We have a variety of specialized database doors and unique marketing and file listing service offers for BBS sysops.

Our specialists for each library spent thousands of hours collecting files and checking information. Frequent paper and electronic mailings to authors, extensive reviews of specialty magazine advertising, and frequent access to on-line services such as Internet, GEnie, AOL and Compuserve (and hundreds of national BBSs) make our directories and libraries the most extensive and accurate PC products of their type available at any price. Your time is valuable, and our products are GUARANTEED to save you their purchase price. In fact, all EMS products come with a 30 day, unconditional, money back guarantee. If you don't find them the most valuable tools you have ever purchased, just send them back with a copy of your invoice for a prompt refund.

These libraries should not be confused with out-of-date Shovelware CD-ROM "dumps" of a regional BBS or Internet host offered by other vendors. EMS products are aggressively assembled by professionals in each area who understand your field and are dedicated to producing a collection that is truly useful to you. They are optimally compressed and stored using the latest version of PKZIP to minimize storage requirements and checked for all known viruses using several leading antiviral products. Because they contain ONLY products related to your area of interest, and because they generally contain ALL known products in that category, you won't have to waste valuable time searching through multiple, incomplete catalogs and collections of programs of limited interest to the PC professional. The Alternative Software Bulletin said "this is definitely a great deal."

All products are available on CD-ROM. EMS is currently shipping March 1997 editions, which is the last edition that will be published.Ordering information.

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