Professional Shareware

Delphi Utility Library

The Delphi Utility Library is a collection of all freely distributable (Public Domain, freeware, shareware, contribution requested, etc.) source code, utilities, applications, etc. for Borland Delphi developers. The collection is available on CD-ROM. A directory database accompanying the library is a dBASE compatible .DBF file with DOS search program. The database also lists all existing commercial products, for one stop shopping for all existing Delphi tools. EMS also buys and sells old/out-of-print/used copies of Delphi and add-on tools. Ordering information.

A ZIPed text file listing all Public Domain and Shareware Delphi products found on BBSes in the USA, organized by type, with release date and short description can be found as delu21.ZIP on many BBSes and SimTel mirrors.

The following are counts of Public Domain, Shareware and free products in the Delphi Utility Library.

Total PD/Shareware files in library: 786
Total bytes in library: 71388464

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