Publishing Services

EMS offers a variety of publishing services and advice to organizations interested in low cost, small scale solutions to information dissemination. Personal service and simple explanations from knowledgeable staff are our strongest asset. EMS has specific commercial experience in the following:

CD-ROM publishing using one-off recorders, and small run/low cost conventional CD-ROM publication. EMS has spent considerable effort perfecting techniques for low cost mastering, rapid response data preparation and indexing, artwork design and production (using EMS developed Corel Draw templates and techniques employing low cost office laser printers), and low cost mastering, packaging, and distribution. EMS has a comparative advantage in small scale internal projects and small (< 1000 copies) commercial projects in which cost and response is more important than consumer packaging. Simple projects involving digitizing video, movies, pictures, sound, etc. can also be supported, but this is not an EMS specialty.

Web site production and publishing to place your company's information on the Internet's world wide web. Classes for self-publishing on the Internet World Wide Web are offered in the Washington DC area.

Posting files on popular anonymous FTP sites on the Internet, appropriate CompuServe forums, America Online, etc.

Marketing your web pages. EMS can quickly and inexpensively add your web site to a large variety of Internet indexes and news groups. EMS also can advise on techniques to maximize traffic and page effectiveness.

Technical editing. EMS has both senior and junior technical editors for web, Word, DTP or print documents. We feature fast turn-around, EMail, MIME, FTP, and BBS access and no-hassle credit card payment. The rate are for our professional editor (Kaarin Engelmann) is $50/hour.

EMS also offers diskette replication, label design and application, and software distribution via mail, UPS, and other services.

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