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FoxPro Utility Library

The FoxPro Utility Library is a collection of all freely distributable (Public Domain, freeware, shareware, contribution requested, demo code, etc.) source code, utilities, applications, etc. for FoxPro developers. The collection is available on CD-ROM. A directory database accompanying the library is a dBASE compatible .DBF file with DOS search program. The database also lists all existing commercial products, for one stop shopping for all existing FoxPro tools. The directory database and library are updated quarterly. Computer Language Magazine (in 1989, prior to being renamed Software Development Magazine) said "quite possibly the most useful tool for heavy developers... , Anyone who works in dBASE or Fox ... should have a copy of the directory , any programmer who doesn't want to reinvent the wheel should get the library. This may be the most productive $100 you'll ever spend." Since the time of the review, the library has grown by ten times and improved even more. EMS also buys and sells old/out-of-print/used copies of Microsoft's FoxPro compiler and add-on tools. We're extremely eager to buy copies of FoxPro 2.6 Professional for DOS/Windows and Visual FoxPro 3 for Mac. Name your price! Ordering information.

A ZIPed text file listing all known Public Domain and Shareware FoxPro products found on BBSes in the USA, organized by type with release date and short description can be found as FOXU21.ZIP on many BBSes and SimTel mirrors.

The following are counts of Public Domain, Shareware and free products in the FoxPro Utility Library.

Total PD/Shareware files in library: 2522
Total bytes in library: 148232751

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