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EMS Professional Shareware Libraries are priced differently than typical "shovelware" shareware CD-ROMs. Any order of any collection will come with CD-ROMs with the ZIP files from every collection we produce. A diskette with a directory database of the libraries you order is necessary to do any professional work with the collections, since there are no file listings for these collections on the CD-ROMs. If you have a hobbyist interest in a subject area, you will have no difficulty locating the directory with hundreds or thousands of ZIP files, and will be able to spend lots of enjoyable and interesting time browsing through the files with your own file browser. The 240,000 record PC Products Database (dBASE .DBF, Windows Help, and GREPable text formats) is included free with every CD-ROM order.

A single technical collection, with one directory database and four CD-ROMs is $59.50. Additional directory databases are $25 each, or the entire set of everything EMS produces is $195. Mail: .

The PC Products Database DOS database only (no Windows HLP file version) on 3 diskettes, $25

The same PC Products Database in all three formats on CD-ROM is also $25, but is included free with any other order.

Shipping and processing fees for retail customers are a single fixed price for the entire order regardless of the size of your order. International shipping prices reflect the higher costs for processing and dealing with the occasional problems of international shipments, credit card surcharges for cards on non-US Banks, increased fraud, lost shipments, etc.

US Shipping: $5 ground UPS or US Mail, $10 2nd Day Air UPS, $24 Overnight U.P.S.
Canada: $10 Air Mail, International: $15

Payment may be by credit card (Novus/Discover, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or PayPal), US$ checks drawn on US banks, or by wire transfer to Bank Fund Staff FCU, Washington DC, ABA No. 2540 74170 for credit to Eric Engelmann account 221871-S1. Please notify us if you wire funds with the name of the Bank sending the wire, the amount you wired and the person/company who sent it.

Our order form is simple ASCII text.

EMail your order to

EMS Professional Shareware
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