EMS Professional Shareware Tech. Support

Last updated 16 March 1997
While we can provide little or no support for the 20,000+ individual programs on our CD-ROMs (for obvious reasons), we will try to help with our search engines, BBS support, and CD-ROM problems, as best we can. Feel free to call us at +1(301)924-3594 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM weekdays (GMT -5/6) or weekends (when we're in). Best time for tech support is from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Common Problems:

I want an improved Windows search program
A new version, updated 8 December 1996, is available on this web server free of charge. Please email for the file name and location (we need to know you used it so we can pay the author royalties).
I get "not enough memory" errors when I try to load the DOS version of the directory database search program.
This is unusual, but often is associated with use of QEMM or another non HIMEM memory manager. Try either adding EMS memory or disabling your memory manager and see if the problem disappears. We have no fix for this, so you'll have to choose which you want to run. Another (rare) possibility is that the search program EXE is corrupt. If removing memory managers from your CONFIG.SYS file produces the same error message (after rebooting, of course), then you could try using another copy of the search program for another library (either on another diskette or one of the free libraries on the last CD-ROM). To use one of the other directories, you'll have to rename your database DBF and DBT files to the same name as the replacement EXE file. For example, if you try to use the OBJECTV.EXE file from the Object Vision library as replacement for a suspected damaged DOSUTIL.EXE program, you would rename DOSUTIL.DBF and DOSUTIL.DBT to OBJECTV.DBF and OBJECTV.DBT, respectively. If this works, let us know and we'll send a replacement for your defective search program.
My diskette is bad
We'll be happy to send another one, or we can place the diskette contents online in a hidden file, tell you where it is via phone or email so you can download it immediately.

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