Directory Databases

Directories for EMS Professional Shareware's CD-ROM libraries are dBASE III+ compatible .DBF files (for easy use by, and conversion to, any major DBMS, spreadsheet or word processor). Each database includes the following fields: product name, ZIP file name (if a freely distributable product that can be found in EMS's CD-ROM and diskette libraries), diskette number (if the file is available on EMS's diskette libraries), name of the producer, address, phone, fax, BBS, Email, 800, etc. information for the producer, product release date, product type, product description (254 characters), and an optional memo field with additional information about the product. If the product has a regular distribution point, such as a primary FTP site, we'll also list this. For many directories, all commercial products in the field are also included, to give users "one stop shopping" for every product that might meet their particular need.

Search programs (DOS and Windows) accompanying the database let you search by product name, ZIP file name, release date, producer name, product type, or free text search across all fields. Conversion capabilities allow production of delimited and columnar ASCII versions of the single "flat" database file, a variety of reports and 15 common BBS file listing formats. The DOS search program will also allow you to quickly view the contents of any ZIP file, print DOC, README, or source code files, copy files to a working directory or diskette, etc. We can also produce custom formats, in HTML and Windows HLP formats, for example, generally free of charge.

Directory Structure

dASE III+ compatible .DBF file with the following structure:

Field Name
Type, Width, Description

Characterm, 30, Name of the utility.
Date, 8, Most recent release version of utility
Character, 8, If not blank, then EMS has this file in its library.
Numeric, 8, Size of the file in bytes when ZIPed.
Numeric, 3, (Obsolete) Disk number of the diskette containing the program in diskette versions of the library (if 0, then the program is not in the library)
Date, 8, The date the file or description was added to the library and directory.
Character, 30, Name of vendor or programmer of the utility.
Character, 30, Address of vendor.
Character, 30, Second line of address (if any)
Character, 30, Third line of addreess (if any)
Character, 20, Country name (if blank, U.S.A.)
Character, 70, Phone numbers and E-Mail addresses for the vendor. F=Fax, C=Compuserve, I=Internet, B=BBS, G=GEnie.
Character, 58, Web or FTP address for producer/product
Character, 1, Y=Validated, N=Invalidated, M=Moved (no forwarding address), O=Out of business, blank=has not responded to information requests.
Date, 8, Date the producer last contacted EMS, verifying their data.
Character, 8, Current advertised list price of the utility. SW means shareware. PD means public domain. CR means contribution requested. If the vendor is currently offering a promotional price, the "regular" price is not listed. Shipping and handling charges vary according to method of shipment and locations of purchaser and vendor, and are not included in the price listed.
Character, 18, Type of the utility. Note that many products fall under several different types.
Character, 254, Short description of the product.
Memo, Further description or vendor supplied advertisement.

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