Web Advertising on
EMS Prof. Software's Pages

Last updated 24 January 1999

EMS currently has three categories of pages, each of which has 18 technical subject areas, available for banner advertising. Subjects of pages include:

Assembler, C, C++, AutoCAD, MS-Access, Clarion, CA-Clipper, Delphi, FoxPro, Paradox, Pascal, Science/Engineering, Spreadsheet, QuickBasic/VBDOS/PDS, and Visual Basic.

For each subject of product, EMS posts web pages listing (using our C/C++ Library as an example):

Ads should be a graphic of maximum size 450x70 pixels, but we're flexible enough to accept any sort of ad, with a price adjustment, if necessary. Only one ad per page, and existing advertisers have right of first refusal on new contracts. All you need to do is send us the URL on your site where the banner graphic will be maintained (so you can change it as often as you wish) and the URL you want the graphic to link to.

These pages offer the most highly focused technology advertising on the web in their respective subject areas. Visitors to the FoxPro products list, for example, visit specifically because they are searching for a FoxPro tool, and are generally highly motivated to purchase at that moment. Visitors are heavily international, with visits from over 120 countries and 3AM (EST) traffic an amazing 50% of 4PM traffic.

Pricing is only $.02 per hit, far below what any comparably focused advertising medium would cost. Pages currently draw from 46 to 1300 hits per week, though most advertisers will place an ad in all three pages for a subject area. See recent hit counts below. Minimum contracts are $50, with pre-payment by check or credit card before the ad runs. 15% commission for agencies.

Send suggestions/corrections to info@emsps.com