C/C++ Tool Producers with Web Sites
from EMS Professional Shareware

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4D Interactive Systems
Adonis Micro Software
Austin Code Works
Blue Sky Software Corp.
Borland International
Braun, Gregory
Bush, Brian W.
CIB Software GmbH
Classic Software
Cunnelly, Adrian
Dameware Development
DC Micro Development
Decil, David
Distinct Corporation
DJW Systems
Dundas Software
Emerson Software
EMS Professional Shareware
Foundation Software Systems
Genitor Corporation
Gimpel Software
Greenleaf Software, Inc.
Hutchey, John
HyperAct, Inc.
Innovative Selective Software
Intersolv Inc.
Julian, Tim
Marc, Stern
McCabe & Associates
McCluskey, Glen
Micro Digital, Inc.
Microware Consultants
MIX Software, Inc.
Morris, William Russell
Mortice Kern Systems Inc.
Mushroom Software
Northeast Data Corporation
Nu-Mega Technologies
Objectech Corporation
Objective Software Technology
Odessy Software
Okino Computer Graphics, Inc.
Pacific Softworks
Phoenix Software Systems
PolyVision Software
Pomakis, Keith
Quinn-Curtis, Inc.
Quintessoft Engineering, Inc.
R&D Technologies, Inc.
Rogue Wave
Rollins, Kent
Sequiter Software, Inc.
Shamus Software
SilverWare Inc.
Small, John Webster
Software Emancipation Tech.
Spectrum Computer Technologies
Stanczak, Tomasz
Step Ahead Software
Stingray Software, Inc.
Symantec Corporation
Williams, Lewis
Wippler, Jean-Claude
WNDX Group, Inc.
Zephyr Software

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