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Advanced dBASE II Plus Programming and Techniques, by Miriam Liskin, Osborne Mc Graw Hill, ISBN 0-07-881249-6, 5lbs, $27.95
Advanced Programmer's Guide, Featuring dBASE III and dBASE II, by Castro, Hanson & Rettig, Ashton Tate, ISBN 0-912-677-05-8, 5lbs, $28.95
Advanced Training for dBASE IV, An Expert Series Program, Manual and 5.25" disks, Intellisance, $19

Client Server dBASE Programming, incldues 3.5" companion disk, by Martin Rinehart, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-40640-3, $40

dBASE 5 for Windows, Unleashed, disk included, by Escobar & Mahar, SAMS, ISBN 0-672-30503-8, 6lbs, $45.00
dBASE II, A Comprehensive User's Manual, by Kerman D. Bharucha, TAB Books, ISBN 0-8306-1884-8, $18.95, 2 copies
dBase II &III Advanced Programmer's Guide, Luis Castro, Jay Hanson and Tom Rettig, Ashton-Tate, ISBN 0--912677-05-8, $28.95
dBASE II for Every Business, by Robert A. Byers, (under Ashton-Tate label), ISBN 0-912677-03-1, $49, 4 pounds
dBASE II User's Guide, by Adam B. Green, ISBN 0-13-196519-0, $49, 2 pounds

dBASE III Plus, The Pocket Reference, by Miriam Liskin, Osborne McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-881305-0, $10
dBASE III Plus Advanced Applications for Nonprogrammers, by Richard Baker, TAB Books Inc., ISBN 0-8306-2808-8, $19.95
dBASE III Plus for Every Business, by Robert A. Byers, Ashton Tate, ISBN 0-912677-86-4, $19.95
dBASE III Plus for the Programmer, Covers C tools and Clipper, by Nelson T. Dinerstein, Scott, Foresman and Company, ISBN 0-673-18835-3, 5lbs, $22.95
dBASE III Plus Handbook, 2nd Edition, George Tsu-der Chou, Que, ISBN 0-88022-269-7, $19.95, Sold
dBASE III Plus Made Easy, by Miriam Liskin, Osborne McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-881294-1, $18.95
dBASE III Plus Multiuser Applications, by Richard H. Baker, ISBN 0-8306-2908-4, $49, 3 pounds
dBASE III Plus Programmer's Reference, by Cary Prague and James Hammit, TAB Books Inc., ISBN 0-8306-2856-8, $18.95
dBASE III Plus Programmer's Reference Guide, by Edward Jones, Sams, ISBN 0-672-22509-3, $18.95 SOLD
dBASE III Plus Programmer's Reference Guide, by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-89588-508-5, $27.95, 6 pounds
dBASE III Plus Programmer's Reference Guide, by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-89588-382-1, hardback, $39, 6 pounds
dBASE III Plus Programming, disk missing, by Robert A. Wray, Boyd & Fraser, ISBN 0-87835-293-7, 4lbs, $22.00
dBASE III Plus Programming, Tips and Techniques, by Cary Prague & James Hammet, Ashton-Tate, ISBN0-912677-91-0, $19.99

dBASE III To Go, Peter C. Randall & Steven J. Bennet, Brady Utility, ISBN 0-13-196214-0, includes 2 disks, $30
dBASE IV Applications Library, Thomas W. Carltom, Que Corp., ISBN 0-88022-357-X, $39.95
dBASE IV Developer's Reference Guide, by Clifford D. Philip, Jr., MIS Press, ISBN 1-55828-010-3, $26.95
dBASE IV The Complete Reference, by LeBlond Group, Osborne McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-881503-7, $29.95
dBASE IV, Complete Reference for Programmers, by Douglas Hergert, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-55616-165-9, $24.95

dBASE IV Version 1.5/2.0 for Business, by Roy Ageloff and Diane Zak, Course Technology, ISBN 1-56527-043-6, $30
dBASE IV, Programmer's Quick Reference Series, by John Viescas, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-55615-237-X, $19
dBASE IV Quick Start, by Lawrence C. Metzelaar and Marianne B. Fox, Que, ISBN 0-88022-389-8, $20
dBASE IV 2.0, Special Edition, revised by Steve Davis, Que, ISBN 1-56529-153-0, $29.95
dBASE IV 1.1-1.5 Video Training System, by Borland, version 1.0, DBS011USFN200, $29

dBASE Advanced video (VHS NTSC) and 3.5" diskette. $20
dBASE for Windows Object-Oriented Primer, © 1994, by Michael R. Irwin, Borland Press, Part # DBS1150WW2177G, SOLD

dBASE for Windows Spring Training, © 1994 Borland, in loose-leaf , 3-ring binder, $19
dBASE Instant Reference (primarily for dBASE III plus), by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-89588-484-4, $12.95, three copies
dBASE Language Handbook, The, (includes dBASE IV), by David M. Kalman, Microtrend, ISBN 0-915391-30-9, $30
dBASE Programming, Featuring dBase IV Version 1.1, Disk included, by Robert A. Wray and Philip J. Pratt, Boyd & Fraser, ISBN 0-87835-794-7, $20
Developing Applications with dBASE 5.0 for Windows, Borland, VHS NTSC video, sealed, $59
Dynamics of dBASE III, by Reizer, Dow Jones Irwin, ISBN 0-87094-654-4, $19.95

Everyman's Database Primer featuring dBASE II, by Robert A. Byers, Ashton-Tate label, no ISBN number, First Printing November 1982
Expert dBASE III Plus, by Judd Robbins and Ken Braley, ISBN 0-89588-404-6, $22.95, 3 pounds

How to Run Your Business with dBASE, bt Richard H. Baker, TAB Books, ISBN 0-8306-1918-6, 3 pounds
How To Use dBASE III Plus, 4 Audio Cassettes, 1Disk & Quick Reference Guide, Flip Track Learning Systems, $19.00

Inside dBASE IV, by Tony Lima, ISBN 0-201-16683-6, $21, 3 pounds
Inside dBASE 5 for Windows, by Jay Parsons, includes 3.5" companion disk, ISBN 1-56205-241-1, $39, 6 pounds

Learn Visual dBASE Programming, by Martin L. Rinehart, with companion 3.5" disk, ISBN 0-201-60836-7, $39, 3 pounds
Learning to Use dBASE III: An Introduction, by Shelly and Cashman, ISBN 0-87835-210-4, $19, 3 pounds
Learning dBASE 5.0 for Windows, VHS NTSC, $19
Liskin's dBASE IV 1.1 Programming Book, by Miriam Liskin, ISBN 0-07-881681, $34, 6 pounds

Professional Database Development Using dBASE III Plus, Clipper, and FoxBASE+, by Philip Steele, ISBN 0-673-38359-8, $19, 3 pounds
Programming with dBASE II, by Cary Prague and James Hammitt, TAB, ISBN 0-8306-1776-0, $16.95, two copies, 2 pounds

Salvaging Damaged dBASE Files, second edition, by Paul W. Heiser, Microtrend, $29.95

Teacher in a box, dBASE IV Level 1 (audio cassettes and manuals), by Lew Robins, Teachware, Inc., $19.95
Teacher in a box, dBASE IV Level 2 (audio cassettes and manuals), by Lew Robins, Teachware, Inc., $19.95
Teach yourself dBase for Windows, Covers Version 5.0, by Charles Spiegel, MIS Press, ISBN 1-55828-231-9, 4lbs, $21.95
TechNotes dBASE IV version 1.5 Release Edition, Learning to FREAD and FWRITE Low-level File I/O, $19

Understanding and Using dBase IV, by Steven C. Ross, WEST, ISBN 0-314-47364-5, 4lbs, $16.00
Understanding dBASE 5 for Windows, by Simpson and Rinehart, SYBEX, ISBN 0-7821-1208-0, 6lbs, $34.99, two copies
Understanding dBASE III Plus, by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-89588-349-X, $22.95
Understanding dBASE IV, by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-89588-509-3, $24.95
Understanding dBASE IV 1.1 Second Edition, by Alan Simpson, ISBN 0-89588-633-2, $27, 5 pounds
Understanding dBASE IV 1.5 for DOS, For Versions 1.1 & 1.5 Third Edition, by Alan Simpson, Sybex, ISBN 0-7821-1107-6, 5lbs, $29.95
Using dBASE 5 for Windows, Special Edition, by Tinney and others, Que, ISBN 1-56529-630-3, 6lbs, $34.99
Using dBASE III Plus, by Edward Jones, Osborne McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-881252-6, 4lbs, $22.95
Using dBASE IV, 1.5. Special Edition, by Steve Davis, Que, ISBN 0-88022-968-3, 4 lbs, $29.95
Using dBASE IV (covers dBASE IV 1.1), 987pp, by Jim Bauman and others, Que, ISBN 0-88022-551-3, $19.95
Using dBASE IV for Databaswe Applications, by Robert E. First, South-Western Publishing, ISBN 0-538-61589-3, $30
Using the Developer's Desktop dBASE for DOS 5.0, VHS NTSC, shrinkwrap, $29, four copies

Workbook, Ashton-Tate Training Courses, Introduction to dBase III Plus Programming, Level Three Course, ISBN 0-912677-67-8, 3lbs, $39.95, disk included

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