HammerHead PhotoCDs, Available from EMS Professional Software

The following is a list of every PhotoCD HammerHead Interactive has made, with CD title and series number. If you would like to buy any of these CDs, please contact EMS Professional Software at info@emsps.com. Prices range from $19 to $99, depending on supply and demand for each specific title. Ordering information. EMS is not affiliated with any other vendor. The highest resolution of the photos on these CDs is 3072x2048 pixels.

Galapogos Islands 1.1, B051, $19.99
Japan 1.1, F011, $19.99
Space Shuttle 1.1, C02H, $19.99
Wild Animals 1.1, B01I, $19.99

Contact EMS Professional Software, info@emsps.com to buy any of these. _