629000 Cassava Research Institute for Tropical Agriculture; 01 Young woman at an SOS village, Lagos, Nigeria 02 Camel market in Kano, northern Nigeria 03 Hippopotamus at Jos Zoo, Jos, Nigeria 04 President of Mozambique, J. Chissano, Nampula, Mozambique 05 Crocodiles, Lake Mellwaine Park, near Harare, Zimbabwe 06 Main tobacco auction, Harare, Zimbabwe 07 Schoolchildren, Vuti resettlement, Zimbabwe 08 Schoolchildren, Vuti resettlement, Zimbabwe 09 A mother and daughter of the M'Huila tribe, Angola 10 A rural family compound in Kunene, Angola 11 Orphaned Portuguese girl with her new Angolan family 12 Marketplace, Africa 13 Seed storage basket, Kunene, Angola 14 Zulu girls, Natal, South Africa 15 Vultures on carcass 16 Cape Gannet 17 Electricity, hydroelectric dam, Zimbabwe 18 Boat trip on the river Gambia 19 The river Gambia, upstream 20 On safari, Gambia