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PFS: Professional Write


pfs:access Ver. C, © 1985

PFS ACCESS is a communication package four your PC

System requirements: minimum of 128K MS-DOS system, one double-sided drive, DOS 1.1 or higher, and a modem.

Package includes:
Retail box with paper sleeve
5.25" floppy disk labeled "Ver. C, © 1985"
Wire bound manual, first printing rev, March 1985, 2 sets of manual corrections. One set, pages "labeled 8/86". Another "2/86", describes the enhancements that PFS:Access version C.02 offers.
Promotional envelope marked "Information Enclosed" with the following:
Price schedule, for Dow Jones News/Retrieval.
The Source offer, 6-602-pfs
Vestor the investment edge offer
Compuserve Subscription offer, CS-66102 (04/86).
PFS:Access and the OAG Electronic Edition offer.

pfs:Professional Write


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