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The following copies of old and used Windows 7 operating systems are for sale today (our stock changes daily) at EMS Professional Software. Unless otherwise specified, each product includes ONLY original manuals and media in usable condition. Note! EMS is not selling licenses to use any software on any media for any specific use. EMS only sells original materials to computer professionals who understand the complexities of software licensing.

Effective immediately, we will no longer sell any Microsoft product, including books, that includes a COA (certificate of authenticity) unless it is the complete product, as originally sold. Yes, MS's interpretation of 18 U.S.C. 2318 is that even a book with a COA on it is licensed material and may not be transferred except as the IP owner permits, and it's not worth $20K+++ to us to have a federal judge rule on this. Customers who are not systems builders must purchase OEM software as part of a hardware purchase. Systems builders may purchase sealed OEM products without hardware. OEM packages with broken seals must always be sold with hardware, and must include all materials originally included with the package.

Before buying, you should contact Microsoft to arrange any licensing needed for your application. EMS is not affiliated with Microsoft or any other company. Other Microsoft products. Products from other companies.

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 Windows 7


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Windows 7 Ultimate, Academic, DVD


Yes, sealed with product key

1 pound


Windows 7 Pro, with SP1, OEM

$29 each

Yes, in open packages, Eleven copies

1 pound


Windows 7 Pro, OEM


Yes, in sealed Amaray case

1 pound













































































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