Consulting Work with EMS

EMS has immediate opportunities (part time) for active file collectors located anywhere in the USA (and possibly abroad) with specialties in any of the following: CA-Clipper, AutoCAD, C/C++, ASM, NT, Pascal, and Spreadsheets. Other technical collections considered on a partnership basis. For MATURE, PROFESSIONAL, RESPONSIBLE ADULTS ONLY. You will maintain a complete collection of specialty PD/Shareware for a given field. EMS Professional Shareware will give you a data entry system. You will collect files, from local and national BBSes, online services, CD-ROMs, etc., enter information about them into the data entry system, and send EMS the updated data entry database system and files you have collected once every two months for publication.

You MUST have good writing skills (for the product descriptions) and the discipline to complete projects ON TIME. You will need 50 to 500MB of free disk space, depending on the library you are assembling. Work requires a 1.44MB drive and a CD-ROM drive. Most of our collectors call dozens of major BBSes in large metro areas as well as several national BBSes and use CompuServe, AOL, and other national nets and FTP sites. Most have high speed modems and are employed computer professionals with high technical skill levels. This work is NOT for "casual" file collectors! If you aren't doing a lot of focused collecting ALREADY , this isn't for you (TRUST ME!), please don't waste your time and ours by calling.


You will be able to start a small consulting business without the trouble or marketing, and can work the hours YOU want, from your home or existing office. You should be able to deduct a lot of your current PC and BBSing expenses, including professional magazines, PC hardware and software, line charges, CompuServe/etc. membership and usage fees, and Internet access costs. You will become one of the world's principle authorities on shareware in your specialty area and keep your technical skills up-to-date by interacting with hundreds of authors with similar interests. Our C/C++ librarians were recently written up in C/C++ Users Journal for their work on the C/C++ Library and our Access and VBasic libraries have won the 1995 and 1994 "Readers Choice" awards from VBPJ. You will also get your existing file collection organized. Typical income is $6 per file collected and properly indexed, plus allowance for on-line costs. This generally works out to $100 to $300 per library per month.

Assembling and maintaining libraries involves a LOT of work (perhaps 10 hours per week), but the ideal candidate will ALREADY be calling the boards and collecting the files for their current needs, so that incremental pay will be $30/hour or more.

If interested, call Eric Engelmann, +1(301)924-3594 for an interview. Do NOT send email requesting more information. CALL or (if you can't use the phone) tell us about yourself and your file collecting abilities and interests in a DETAILED Email message to, with a good time for us to call you (evenings and weekends are fine). A resume/CV is NOT necessary. Some idea of the types of sources (national BBSes, local BBSes, FTP sites, CD-ROMs, online services, etc. you could collect from is.

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