WPPSI-R Materials List

A complete Weschler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence-Revised (WPPSI-R) testing package includes the following materials:

  1. Optional brown briefcase-style carrying case (in the only package we have seen)
  2. Block Design box with 14 red and white, flat plastic blocks. part 8-982407
  3. Pegs for Animal Pegs also for use with WPPSI Animal House box, includes 7 blue, 7 white, 6 yellow, and 5 black wooden cylinders. Part 8-982381
  4. Animal Pegs box with board, part 8-982365
  5. Geometric Design, Block Design, and Picture Completion book, wire bound, part 8-982258
  6. Information, Arithmetic, Vocabulary, Similarities book, wire bound, part 8-982241
  7. Manual, wire bound, 230 pages, © 1989, part 8-982175
  8. Six Object assembly puzzles, © 1989 in gray, pocketed, fabric folder. Includes
    Rectangle - 4 pieces
    Car - 3 pieces
    Face - 5 pieces
    Flowers - 5 pieces
    Teddy Bear - 4 pieces
    Dog - 4 pieces
  9. Object Assembly Layout Shield, part 8-982357

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