Materials List for WPPSI-III

The WPPSI-III contains the following materials. For more information about IQ tests, or to buy test-preparation materials, visit EMS's web site.

  1. WPPSI-III Stimulus Booklet © 2001. Spiral-bound book with seven sections:
    Picture Naming, Picture Completion, Information, Block Design, Receptive Vocabulary, Matrix Reasoning, and Picture Concepts.
  2. WPPSI-III Standardization Training Video, NTSC VHS Tape, 9998894166
  3. WPPSI-III Object Assembly with 14 numbered objects, 9998894174
  4. WPPSI-III Block Design. Contains 6 red blocks, 4 white blocks, 4 half-white/half-red blocks. 9998104092
  5. WPPSI-III Examiner Training Materials
  6. WPPSI-III Step-by-Step Project Guidelines
  7. WPPSI-III Record Forms
  8. WPPSI-III Response Booklet
  9. WPPSI-III Demographic/Home Environment Questionnaire
  10. WPPSI-III Clinical Diagnostic Information Form/Checklist (CDIF)
  11. WPPSI-III Parent Information
  12. Sampling Return Envelopes

EMS has no association whatsoever with the Psychological Corporation, the makers of this test. Information provided is for professionals interested in determining if a WPPSI-III test is complete.

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