Materials Included in the WISC-IV Kit

About the WISC-IV The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV) copyright 2003 by the Psychological Corporation is an individually administered clinical instrument for assessing the intellectual ability of children ages 6 years 0 months through 16 years 11 months (6:0 - 16:11). The WISC-IV provides composite scores that represent intellectual functioning in specified cognitive domains (i.e., Verbal Comprehension Index, Perceptual Reasoning Index, Working Memory Index, and Processing Speed Index), as well as providing a composite score that represents a child's general intellectual ability (i.e., Full Scale IQ). It is comprised of 15 subtests. It can be administered by trained examiners in 60-90 minutes . Administration procedures were simplified to improve the user-friendliness of this test.

The WISC-IV is appropriate for a number of purposes, including; psycho educational test for elementary and secondary school planning and placement, to assess for learning disorders, intellectual giftedness, to predict future academic achievement potential, special education placement, etc. It is also useful for the differential diagnosis of neurological and psychiatric disorders affecting mental functioning. Sometimes used as part of managerial selection and training and development programs. Often used for clinical research purposes. Psychologists practicing in psychiatric, medical, educational, forensic, counseling, or any clinical setting will find the WISC-IV a useful component of their psychological assessment battery.