WAIS-III Testing

This offers a bit of information relating to WAIS-III testing, especially for children considering enrollment in Gifted and Talented programs. Regardless of how you feel about IQ tests, some people who think they are important may use information from them to make decisions about your child's future. While there is a clear statistical correlation between IQ scores and academic success, we're also confident that performance on IQ tests can be improved through preparation.

We offer books, test materials, and preparation materials to help improve scores. Many children enjoy taking the tests, which are designed to be interesting and fun. People often ask the same questions. Here is a start at a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on IQ testing. To rent or purchase IQ materials, visit our home page.


  1. Black soft-sided case (optional) with wais-III tag on handle
  2. Administration and Norms Manual, Part # 0158981030
  3. Technical Manual, Part # 0158981049
  4. Stimulus Booklet, Part # 0158981057
  5. Record and Response form booklets, Part # 0154981060
  6. Object Assembly subtest, Part # 0158981138.
    1 - 6-piece man, #0158981146
    2 - 7-piece woman's head, #0158981154
    3 - 6-piece elephant, #0158981162
    4 - 9-piece house, #0158981170
    5 - 7-piece butterfly, #0158981189
    6 - Object Assembly Layout Shield, #0154981192
    7 - slip-case box, #0158981138
  7. Block Design subtest
  8. Picture Arrangement subtest, Part # 0158981111.
    Includes 11 picture card sets. Cap, Bake, Opens, Chase, Clean, Hunt, Samuel, Lunch, Choir, Dream, and Shark.
  9. Digit Symbol Scoring Template, Part # 0158981219
  10. Symbol Search Scoring Template, Part # 0158981200

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