Materials List for Stanford-Binet IQ Test
Third Revision of 1960

  1. Hard cover book "Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale", by Lews M. Terman and Maud A. Merrill, 363 pages. This is the guide for administering and scoring the test and interpreting results.
  2. Printed Card Material (large). This is a Wire Bound book with 38 pages. Envelopes glued to some pages contain vocabulary, puzzle pieces, etc.
  3. Printed Cards Material Wire Bound book--Small, 36 pages. The last page has a few puzzle pieces in an envelope glued to the page.
  4. Form Board in manila envelope. Green wood with three red wood pieces (square, triangle, circle)
  5. 4X6 Card labeled "A"
  6. Eight 4X6 cards labeled 1-8
  7. 14 X 6.25' card with boy picture
  8. Box labeled "II, 4 (III, 3), 12 cubes". Contains 12 wooden cubes painted green.
  9. Box interior labeled "II, 2 --- III-6, 5 --- III-6, A"
    Box exterior end labeled:
    Delayed Response: II,2
    three small boxes w/cat
    Sorting Buttons: III-6,5
    10 white, 10 black, buttons,
    in covered box
    Comparison of sticks: III-6, A
    two sticks --- one 2", one 2 1/2"
  10. Box interior labeled "III, 1 (V, A; XIII, 6)"
    Box exterior end labeled:
    III, 1 (V, A; XIII, 6):
    48 Beads --- 16 square
    --- 16 cylindrical
    --- 16 round
    1 pr. Laces, 18"
    The packages we've looked at have only one lace, not a pair. Beads are blue. Lace is black with nylon tips.
  11. Box interior labeled "II-6, 1"
    Box exterior end labeled:
    Identifying Objects by Use: II-6, 1
    ("Blue Auto Card")
    card w/attached cup, shoe, penny [1961d], table knife,
    automobile, iron.
  12. Box interior labeled "II-A"
    Box exterior end labeled:
    Identifying Objects by Name: II-A
    ("Pink Bed Card")
    card w/attached dog, ball, engine, bed, doll,
    scissors, cup, shoe, penny [1961d], table knife,
    automobile, iron.
  13. Box interior labeled "II-6, 3"
    Box exterior side labeled:
    Naming Objects: II-6, 3
    chair, green auto, box, key, fork, flag.
  14. Box interior labeled "II-6, 6"
    Box exterior side labeled:
    Obeying Simple Commands: II-6, 6
    orange cube, button, dog, scissors, card-
    board box.
  15. Box interior labeled "IV, 2"
    Box exterior side labeled:
    Naming Objects: IV, 2
    yellow auto, dog, shoe, cat, spoon, engine, doll
    thimble, scissors, cardboard box
    The copies I have seen are missing the thimble.
  16. Box with blue beads, cylinders and square beads
  17. Yellow "We Are Testing, Please come back later" card.


Stanford-Binet IQ Test