Psych Tests for Sale and Rental

We focus on IQ testing materials of professional and historical interest, but also acquire some other psych tests as we buy collections.

Professional Tests: Note, these are only sold/rented to qualified professionals.

ASIEP - Autism Screening Instrumenty for Education Planning, © 1980. IQ091114, $149. 6 pounds

Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test: Children's Scoring Booklets and one set of cards, IQ091202$99, 1 pound

Children's Apperception Test (C.A.T.), 1949. Like new with manual. $39 rental, $99. 2 pounds

Conners' Rating Scales, manuals and forms, $99, 5 pounds IQ091118

Developmental Test of Visual Perception, © 1961, test booklet, $59, IQ091211

Differential Test of Conduct and Emotional Problems (DT/CEP) forms (14 copies) pack. $79, 1 pound, IQ091129

Gesell Assessment Kit, $195, 3 pounds IQ091105

Gilliam Autism Rating Scale Summary/Response Form, SOLD

Goodenough-Harris Drawing Test, set of Quality Scale Cards, $49, IQ091210

House - Tree - Person (H-T-P) Children's Revision, $99, IQ091207

House - Tree - Person (H-T-P) Children's revision, manual and form, $79, IQ091225

Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities, Examiner's Manual, Revised Edition. (X) 1968, $79, IQ091226

Kinetic Drawing System for Fmily and School, manual and test form, 2 pounds, $99, IQ091115

Normative Adaptive Behavior Checklist (NABC) © 1984. 11 page form. $49. IQ091130

Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale, $99, IQ091206

Psychoeducational Profile Revised (PEP-R), with AAPEP and Merril Palmer forms, $99, IQ091212

Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS) Manual. 2 pounds. $89, IQ091201

Slingerland Screening Tests for Identifying Children with Specific Language Disability, large lot of forms, charts, cards, and manual. 8 pounds, $99, IQ091224

VMI Test of Visual-Motor Integration, ages 3-18 Long Form. 3 copies. $29 each or all three for $39. IQ091205

Walker Problem Behavior Identification Checklist, manual and checklist forms, 1983 revision, $99, IQ091117

Wienberg Depression Scale for Children and Adolescents, $99. IQ091208