Philips DVDR985 DVD Recorder for Rent

Rent for $10! If you would like to try using a DVD recorder to make DVDs from your tape collection, but don't want to invest a lot of money in something that may or may not work for you, here's a painless way to find out. For $10 per day (two day minimum), plus shipping, we'll send you the very latest in DVD recorders that makes experimenting completely painless.


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This recorder will produce DVDs that can be read by almost virtually all recent model DVD players, and almost all older ones. The DVD+RW it records play on my $69 Akai DVD player.


Records onto 4.7GB DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. Stores 60 minutes in HQ mode, 120 in SP mode (typical of commercial DVD recordings). Also 180 and 240 minute modes. Records from S-Video, composite video, and component video plus IEEE1394/Firewire/iLink output of digital camcorders. Great for making DVDs of HDTV broadcast (use SIRT165 box we rent) or HDTV cable boxes. Automatic chapter creation for home movies.

Need blank DVDs? We sell 10 generic DVD+R discs for $20 with rental.

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How to order:
We'll put a deposit on your credit card for the value of the recorder, $600.00.Your credit card will be charged for your rental and shipping at time of shipments or pick up. If you return equipment beyond the rental period charged, you will be responsible for additional rental fees. DC area residents can pick up equipment near Shady Grove metro, and save on shipping. Just email us that you have read the contract and agree to its terms, and authorize charges to your credit card. The agreement allows us to pre-authorize $600.00 on your card, ensuring you have $600.00 credit line available plus daily rental fees. We'll ship the recorder the same or next day, according to your shipping preferences. You will pay shipping both ways plus the $10 per day for rental during the shipping period, so factor this into your shipping decision. If we don't have the unit back within 20 calendar days of shipping, we'll charge your card the $600.00 and you will be the new owner. If you do decide to keep it, please let us know as early as possible, so we can better manage our stock.