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This document shows photos and brief descriptiosn of SideKick software's hsitory, along with notes and a brief list of features. While you may find older versions of software in many places, links to the old/used programming tools sales pages of EMS Professional Software, this page's sponsor, are provided for your convenience. EMS is not affiliated with Borland, Inprise, Starfish, or any other vendor. Sidekick and all other terms on this page are trademarks of Borland, Inprise, Starfish, or other companies. 

Sidekick 1.0
Sidekick Plus 1.0
Sidekick 1.5 for DOS
Sidekick 2.0 for DOS

Sidekick 1.0 for Windows
Sidekick 2.0 for Windows
Sidekick 2.0 for OS/2 PM

Sidekick 95
Sidekick 97
Sidekick 98
Sidekick 99


Version features comparison chart from J. Otoole

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Borland Sidekick 1.0 for DOS
Sidekick 1.0 for DOS (buy it)

Includes Calculator, Notepad, Appointment Calendar, Auto Dialer, ASCII Table, and much more.

Borland Sidekick Plus for DOS
SIDEKICK Plus 1.0 (buy it)

Part Number 31 FG-SKP12
© 1984, 1987
With 5.25" and 3.5" disks

Expanded Memory and RAM disk support. If you have and Intel Above Board, you can load SideKick Plus desk accessories into expanded memory and leave your 640K of conventional memory for your other applications. Other cards supported: AST RAMpage!, Quadram Liberty, STB Memory Champion, and true compatibles.

Mimimum System Requirements: PC-DOS/MS-DOS 2.0 or later, 384K RAM. Minimum RAM-resident memory for smallest configuration 64K. Hard disk drive.

Modems for dialing and data communications: Hayes or Hayes-compatible, plus others.

Networks: 3Com, IBM, Novell®, Vianet.

Includes cardboard slipcase and Owner's Handbook manual. 424 pages plus ads/index.

ISBN 0-87524-179-4. © 1988.

SIDEKICK Plus for SideKick Users manual. 30 pages. Rear cover part number BOR 0697.
Quick Reference Guide. 23 pages.

Three 720K 3.5" disks: Disk label rear BOR 0566A.

Four 5.25" 1.2MB disks labeled BOR 0567 or BOR 0567A
Install 1 S/N "X1BO159412" or "T1B1234567" etc.
Install 2

Diskettes box.

Borland Sidekick 1.5 for DOSBorland Sidekick 1.5 for DOSBorland Sidekick 1.5 for DOS label
SIDEKICK 1.5 for DOS (buy it)

Sixth edition manual has "VERSION 1.5" printed on the bottom of the cover and on the spine. "PCjr" abbreviated "jr.". "Inforworld" typo in trademark block on book rear cover. ISBN 0-87524-002-X. June 1985. At least 9 printings.

Version 1.56a has files dated 8-5-1985.

Sidekick 2.0 for DOS (buy it)
Borland Sidekick 2.0 for DOS

Borland Sidekick 2.0 for DOS - Three 720K diskettes labeled PART# 31LB-SDK07 BOR 1792A

Sidekick 1.0 for Windows (buy it)

Borland Sidekick 1.0 for Windows 

System Requirements:
IBM PC compatible, 286 processor or higher
Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later
Minimum 4MB of RAM
Minimum 5MB hard disk space for installation (including 1MB on the same drive as your Windows directory), and 3MB thereafter
Optional but recommended:
Mouse compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
Printer supported by Windows 3.1
One 3.5" high-density diskette; Label reads "Sidekick for Windows, Version 1.0"
Registration card for International customers only; Part # 1AL0000M023602 BOR 4642.6
Registration card; Part # 1AL0000US23602 BOR 5649.3
Borland No-Nonsense License Statement and Limited Warranty; Part # 1AL0000WW23620 BOR 5647
Sidekick for Windows User's Guide; 68 pages; Part # KSK1110WW21770 BOR 7537
No box

Sidekick 2.0 for Windows (buy it)

Starfish Sidekick 2.0 for WindowsBorland Sidekick 2.0 Deluxe for Windows

The standard version includes the following materials:
Retail box Part# KSK1120WW41002 STAR# 01.1
3.5" HD 1.44MB diskette labeled Sidekick for Windows Version 2.0
Rebate offer for Sidekick 1.0 for Windows owners, Part # KSK1120US23643
Registration card SK1120US23601
CompuServe offer booklet
User's Guide manual, 98 pages, Part # KSK1120WW21771 STAR 0003

The deluxe version adds more than 40 content files for access to online information, Dashboard 3.0 for Windows, and the "Organized for Success" video.

Requirements: MPC compatible CD-ROM drive, sound card, 256 color VGA or SVGA, Windows 3.1 or later, 486 or later compatible PC, 8+MB of RAM, and 10MB of free hard disk space.

Sidekick 2.0 for OS/2 Presentation Manager (buy it)

Borland Sidekick 2.0 for OS/2 Presentation Manager

User's Guide manual has ISBN 0-87524-209-X 

Sidekick 95 (also called Internet Sidekick) (Buy it)

Starfish Sidekick 95, Internet Sidekick

Requires Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 (probably also works with some later versions of Windows, but they aren't listed on the box). 8MB/16MB RAM for Win95/NT. 256 color VGA or SVGA display. 12MB disk space. The used box I've seen contained:
Sidekick 95 User's Guide manual, 136 pages, Part # SK9510WW21770
CompuServe offer booklet
Disk Exchange Coupon (for 3.5" disks)
At-A-Glance offer/order card, Part #IS9510US9001
CD-ROM in windowed paper sleeve, © 1984, 1996
DataSafe 1.0 trial pack

Sidekick 97 (buy it)

Starfish Sidekick 97

 © 1997. Box right spine bottom labeled Part #: SK9710US4100. Includes the following materials:
Sidekick Web Publisher offer, SK9710US2400
Green rebate coupon, Part # SK9710US23600
CompuServe offer booklet
Sidekick 97 CD-ROM
Sidekick 97 For Windows 95 and NT 4.0 User's Guide manual. 208 pages. Part #SK9710WW21770

Evaluation package has SKU SK971WWEV180

Sidekick 98 (buy it)

By Starfish Software, (C) 1984, 1997 Starfish Software

Includes the following materials:
CD-ROM in windowed paper sleeve
Retail box barcode 7 10616 10051 2
Solutions Guide, SF-SG01
Getting Started with Sidekick 98 brochure, SK9810WW 21770

UK Version:
CD-ROM in clear plastic sleeve, © 1984, 1987
Retail box barcode 5 029611 007319
Manual: © 1984, 1995, 32 pages, printed in UK
Installation guidelines card for Outlook 98.and Win CE 2.1
Registration card

System requirements (according to the box):
Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or higher
8 MB RAM (16MB for NT)
256 or more color VGA card and monitor
15 MB disk space
Mouse or other pointing device


Sidekick 99 (buy it)
Starfish Sidekick 99

9.00 and 9.10 versions exist. It appears 9.10 will be the last version ever made.

According to the PC World December 1999 issue, Sidekick 99 can no longer track expenses, dial a phone, log activities, or create reports. You get a well-designed but minimalist PIM consisting of a calendar, an address book, a world clock, and a memo pad. You still have the Cardfile, too--a wonderfully useful minidatabase where you can store just about any type of information you want. Among the few new additions: updated import filters and better synchronization with Palm Pilot and REX Personal Digital Assistants.

386 Max and Sidekick Bundle

Borland Sidekick and 386 Max Bundle
© 1992

386Max System Requirements:
DOS 3.3 or higher
Hard disk; and one of the following systems: any 386, 486 or Pentium microprocessor-based PC with 256K extended memory
Supports all major memory specifications, including: EMS 4.0, XMS 2.0, VDS 1.0, VCPI 1.0 and full DPMI 0.9 and 1.0 support, including vital memory for both DPMI versions
Sidekick System Requirements:
An IBM PC compatible, 286 processor or higher
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later
Minimum of 4MB of RAM
Minimum of 5MB hard disk space for installation (including 1MB on the same drive as your Windows directory), and 3MB thereafter
A mouse is recommended but not required
Registration card for 386Max; Part # QLA-3115A
One 3.5" diskette for 386Max in sealed envelope with License Agreement printed on
Qualitas 386Max Version 7 User Guide Update; 39 pages; Part # QLA-3148A
Qualitas 386Max User Guide (Includes Reference Guide)
Borland Sidekick User's Guide, No-Nonsense License Statement and Limited Warranty, and one 3.5" high density diskette all sealed in original shrink-wrap; Label on shrink-wrap reads "3HD Sidekick 1.0 Win Includes Disks, Manuals, & Lic Agreements"; Part # KSK1110WWFN350
Opened retail box

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